Schoolboys in Skirts Fight Sexism

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Glen Poole is an international expert on men and boys and author of the book Equality For Men. He is Director of the consultancy Helping Men, UK co-ordinator for International Men Day and host of the National Conference for Men and Boys in Brighton and Hove. You can follow him on twitter @equality4menUK and at


  1. Yes. If women can show their legs, why men cant?

    And if you are a woman and think men cant wear shorts because men legs are ugly, screw you

    • Exactly! Men’s legs are quite attractive, actually. I wish more men would wear shorts or kilts.

      I admire these kids a lot. When I was in school, I hated the dress code but never did anything about it. Back then, you had to wear a skirt if you were a girl, and you had to wear long trousers if you were a boy. Both were extremely rigid and irritating. I hope things change. They’ve already changed for women, it’s time they changed for men too.

  2. Alister says:

    It’s the thing I like most about my worksite: Every single employee, regardless of gender or role, wears exactly the same uniforms. Everyone has the choice of shirt and trousers or overalls.

  3. Jameseq says:

    in the photo i saw, most of the skirted young men, wore them well.
    i havent followed up, i imagine the headmaster has now relented.

    well played young men, well played

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