Color Inside The Lines: Superheroes of A Different Hue Live Streamed May 1st from CSULA

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As part of California State University Los Angeles’ inaugural Eagle-Con, on May 1st at 3:15 PM, Top Cow Talent Hunt winner Hannibal Tabu will moderate a live-streamed panel (password “CCC2012”) called “Color Inside The Lines: Superheroes of a Different Hue” (Facebook event page) featuring three entertainment luminaries …

kevin grevioux, larry hama, vince hernandez

Kevin Grevioux is an American actor, screenwriter, and comic book writer. He is most known for his role as “Raze” in the Underworld movies, where he came up with the original concept/premise and wrote the original screenplay alongside director Len Wiseman. He also created Adam the Blue Marvel for Marvel Comics.

Larry Hama is an American comic book writer, artist, actor and musician who has worked in the fields of entertainment and publishing since the 1960s.

During the 1970s, he was seen in minor roles on the TV shows M*A*S*H and Saturday Night Live, and appeared on Broadway in two roles in the original 1976 production of Stephen Sondheim’s Pacific Overtures.

He is best known to American comic book readers as a writer and editor for Marvel Comics, where he wrote the licensed comic book series G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, based on the Hasbro toyline. He has also written for the series Wolverine, Nth Man: the Ultimate Ninja, and Elektra. He created the character Bucky O’Hare, which was developed into a comic book, a toy line and television cartoon.

Vince Hernandez is a freelance writer currently residing in Los Angeles, Ca. He has worked with Aspen Comics, Electronic Arts, and Def Jam Entertainment as well as other companies. He is the Editor-in-Chief of Aspen Comics, an entertainment publishing company. He has also worked for Top Cow Productions as Sales Manager from 1997-2001. While working full time as an editor and a writer, Vince is also working on a doctorate degree in psychology.

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The panel will feature a video presentation looking at perceptions of heroes of color in popular culture as well as insight from the panel and questions taken from the audience and from the Komplicated Twitter feed. The day of the panel, look for an article here on Komplicated featuring the live streaming link.

[Source: California State University, Los Angeles]


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