Comics: Playboy Model Carla Harvey Returns To Sequential Art With Soul Sucka [@carlaharvey]



When most people see someone who looks like Carla Harvey at a convention or comic shop, the last thing they'd expect is that she's a writer herself. Sure, she's graced the pages of Playboy, stood on stage with a guitar and hard rock sounds as part of the horrorcore group Butcher Babies, as well as acting on the small and silver screen. That's not enough for her, and she keeps coming back to comics, and it goes something like this …

Just in time to wrap up Black History Month former Playboy TV star, singer of popular metal band the Butcher Babies, and comic book author Carla Harvey announces her newest collaboration with creative partner Anthony Winn, (illustrator of Stan Lee's Stripperella) a blaxsploitation piece entitled Soul Sucka. This ain't your daddy's Blackula — Soul Sucka is a look at America's dark history through the eyes of an ass kicking, attitude wielding, Afro wearing, black vampiress in search of her roots. Soul Sucka navigates through oppression and racial tension with a healthy dose of satire: "The white man done caught a fright! Baby's got back and bite!"

But what's the singer of a metal band doing writing a comic about an afroed-out vampire babe? Carla quips, "I'm a biracial kid from Detroit that's always liked to explore the extreme ends of the spectrum of both of my races, and find the comedy that lies within. My last two comics were horror comics that followed my heavy metal band, The Butcher Babies. With Soul Sucka, I wanted to go in a completely different direction and explore my other half. I put a lot of myself in to the main character: my personal issues with racism and identity in a world that wants to shove you in to a cookie cutter mold."


Soul Sucka will mark Carla Harvey's third published work and premieres at this years Comic Con in San Diego, July 12-15, at the Deepcut Productions booth.

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Many might assume that Carla Harvey seems too good to be true, but she's the real thing and ready to bloody up your mind.

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