Japan Wants To Shoot Lasers At The Moon To Solve The Energy Crisis


In their continuing quest to be the strangest culture that ever existed, Japan’s Shimizu Corporation has a modest proposal on how to solve the energy crisis…

Robots will build a belt of solar panels to encircle the moon. The panels will gather up energy from the sun, convert it to electricity and then channel the electricity by cable around to the Earth-facing side of the moon. From there the power will be zapped to large receivers on Earth’s surface using lasers. Why did it take so long for someone to propose this?

The Luna Ring plan, which was introduced in Tokyo, is only the most recent in a long line of envelope pushing, seemingly kooky ideas to come from Shimizu Corp. But, the company seems serious about their plan proposing that the Luna Ring could begin construction by the year 2035.

Somewhere, Warren Ellis is smoking and nodding approvingly. Here’s to becoming a Type One civilization. We think we’re crazy with crap like Single Ladies? We’re not even trying, y’all.

[Source: Geekosystem]

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  1. The Blurpo says:

    I like it and it is in reach of our technology.

    Just see what Japan, has given us to the world, Ninjas, Shinkansen, animes, Godzillas, Gundam, Sushi and lot more. And now they may let us become a type one civilitation (or at least play a major part).

    Love you Japan.

  2. YES! The Kardashev scale! One of my favorite concepts ever.

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