#whodwin Wednesday Championships: “… and the winner is …”


Wednesdays at 12PM PST, Facebook erupts into open combat as fans talk out "who'd win" in a battle between two well known geek-worthy parties. Wikipedia links are included to refresh memories on what everybody is capable of, and in the playoffs, you get to find out who fights before the fight, then vote on Facebook! #whodwin Wednesday!

It's been a long, tortured road, but Krona the Mad Guardian stood atop a stack of fallen foes, winning a popular vote against every other character he'd ever encountered and surviving a sudden death elimination tournament.

Everything was looking ducky until a challenger appeared and he had to face the best-known icon in comics and popular culture: Superman, who'd been lying in wait the entire competition.

After fierce voting on Facebook, only one could stand victorious, and the preponderance of fans chose …

"Big Blue" takes home the season one #whodwin Wednesday trophy, and we have to stop to thank all the wonderful people who participated this year, including (but not limited to) …

  • Kimberly Moore
  • Rasheed Townes
  • Kielen King
  • Geoffrey Thorne
  • Khalil Asadullah
  • Carl Dancy
  • Joseph Tages
  • Drew Bittner
  • Aaron Duran
  • Dreamkiller Jenkins
  • Jason Smith
  • Scott Knopf
  • A. Darryl Moton
  • Julian Smith
  • Mustapha Garba

… and everybody else who played along this year.

Season two starts in March. Get ready.

[Source: Facebook, TheCHIVE]


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