Man-to-Man With American in Israel Who is Protesting Mandatory National Service

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  1. What? I thought you could conscientiously object in israel

    • Apparently not in terms of the mandatory service; perhaps CO only applies to refusal to participate in a specific mission?

  2. Richard Aubrey says:

    I missed the part where he says he’s grateful to the IDF that he’s not doing his radical left thing in a Syrian interrogation suite.
    Still, he could volunteer for the task of radical lefting Assad & Co. They need it more than the Israelis.

  3. Richard Aubrey says:

    Oh, yeah. A good many people, frequently radical left, like to reproach the Allies for not doing more to prevent or end the Holocaust. Seems strange–presuming moral consistency is your thing–to reproach the IDF for being somewhat more attentive. Seeing that, for the Allies,it hadn’t happened and couldn’t be imagined, while the IDF has, you know, like, evidence and stuff.


  1. [...] Read also Cooper Fleishman’s Man-to-Man interview with Moriel Rothman. /* post_widget("#but1"); Filed Under: Conflict, Featured Content Tagged With: Bob Moses, civil disobedience, conscience, David Foster Wallace, Diane Nash, Fannie Lou Hamer, Israel, judaism, Martin Luther King Jr., military, Moriel Rothman, nonviolence, Palestine, protest, Racism, religion, Vernon Dahmer, violence About Moriel RothmanMy name is Moriel Rothman. I am an American-Israeli writer and poet, based in Jerusalem and situated squarely on the Left, especially here. Recently added to my byline is “Refusnik,” as I have decided to refuse mandatory service in the IDF. I also like be a ‘nik. A beatnik, a refusenik, a sputnik. This blob is dedicated to sharing my Completely Objective and Undisputably True reflections, writings, analyses and poems about politics, activism, justice, love, and life in Israel-Palestine and in the world. And other various topics. [...]

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