An Unruly Boxer Stresses a Marriage

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Blake is a writer and first-time father living in Dallas, TX. When not pushing a stroller aimlessly around Target or cowering in fear of a baby, he is documenting those misadventures at Pureed Green Beans and Whiskey. You can follow Blake on Twitter at @BlakeFriis.


  1. “Elvis” … cool name. We are animal lovers and I’m sorry you had to give up the dog. But dogs are a hand full and I can understand your wife’s point of view because in some ways I can relate. Dogs can be great for kids. One of the saddest days in my life was when our Golden Retriever (Billy Bob – Named after Billy Bobs in Texas) passed away.

    In the parking lot of the veterinary where he passed, I was hold my teen son, as he was crying he said to me, “Dad, you don’t understand, I lost my first best friend.” It broke my heart but I realized how important a pet can be to kids. Retrievers are just that … they love to retrieve. For example he was outstanding in that he helped my son with his swing. Unless you had a basket of baseballs, you’d be chasing and bringing back balls for hours. But with Billy, he waited patiently as my son hit the ball deep so that he could do what he did best, bring the ball back. He taught my son many things.

    Although I was also heartbroken, I could only feel the pain my son was going through. Months later, though I was determined not to have to go through that ever again, my daughter who worked at a kennel came home with a Golden pup that I fell in love with at first site. Ernie is now 9 years old and a big part of the family.

    We are a pet friendly family. With my daughter working at a kennel/animal hospital there was a time that we had three dogs, three cats, a black rat, and a parrot. Animals take a lot of work especially when your kids are young and are learning.

    If you ever get to a point where you would reconsider getting a dog, personally I would recommend a Golden Retriever. Major love dogs and are super great with kids. BTW, you didn’t let your son down nor did you let Elvis down. He’s in a good home and your home simply isn’t ready to have a dog. Don’t over think it. What you have shown in this article is that men have big hearts and we’re really not the uncaring people want to paint us as.

    • Blake Friis says:

      Wow! Thank you for sharing, Tom. I appreciate the recommendation. We would definitely like to regroup and have another dog one day, especially when our son is old enough to form the bond you describe.

      One thing the experience has taught me is when it comes to our children, there are no small decisions or safe assumptions. I never thought we would be tested the way we were, but it is an experience to grow on and learn from.

      Thanks, again, for sharing such a personal and relatable story.

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