Call for Anonymous Submissions


In an effort to encourage more men to write, the Marriage Section formally annouces a call for anonymous submissions.

We’ve done this in the past, although not as formally. The Marriage Section is now opening itself up to consider anonymous submissions from any author; while we mean to encourage men to write more about marriage, we’ll certainly consider anonymous submissions from women. We look at marriage with the widest possible lens and include all tertiary subjects: divorce, separation, cohabitation, shotgun weddings, etc.

Interested writers should follow these instructions:

Read the submissions guidelines

The guidelines are here. We’re actually hoping this opportunity encourages men who have never written an essay or article to attempt one. However, before you start writing, send us a message:

Pitch first

Please write to explain what you’re interested in writing. This will save all parties valuable time.

To push people who might already be finding themselves inspired, we’ll offer these further guidelines:

What are we looking for?

This is not an exhaustive list. It’s meant to present ideas. Sincere and mature personal essays on topics like these are welcome and encouraged:

Unmet expectations

Sexual dysfunction or difficulty

Withheld sex

Vindictive or obsessive spending sprees

Sudden (perhaps orchestrated) changes in a spouse’s personality

The pain of a gossiping spouse

A sudden or surprising demand for divorce

Illness (mental or otherwise)


Feeling trapped, deceived or disenfranchised

Any form of infidelity

Arranged marriages

Socially ostracized couples

Couples isolated from families

A workaholic spouse

A spouse who refuses to look for work

Feeling tricked

Feeling silenced

Being forced to marry

Marriages entered for reasons other than love

Conversely, perhaps there are authors who wish to remain anonymous because they fear an attack from cynics who’ll discount their harmony and joy. We’d love to consider any of the following:

Satisfied expectations

The discovery of platonic love

Dedication to an asexual spouse

Dedication to a spouse whose physiology or injuries make sex impossible

Rediscovery of love in an empty nest

A marriage sincerely solidified through faith

Successful treatment of a dysfunction

Successful treatment of an addiction

A marriage saved by a sexual discovery

Successful counseling

An epiphany of any variety

Forgiveness following betrayal

Rediscovery of love following the death of a child

Portraits of peaceful, simple but compassionate life

We’re willing to consider any topic when written well and presented in a mature and sincere manner.

What aren’t we looking for?

As we’ve seen, marriage is a complex and sensitive topic. The purpose of any essay here should be to illuminate, educate, provoke and share. Criticism is fine, as is a portrait of a demon, but an abject lack of empathy is problematic. We’re not looking to publish rants, expressions of senseless rage or diatribes about religious or cultural “truths” or cliches. Venues for such things already exist.

We hope this call for submissions inspires some people to express themselves and to further the discussion about marriage. Courage!

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Gint Aras (Karolis Gintaras Žukauskas) is the author of the cross-generational family epic, The Fugue, from The Chicago Center for Literature and Photography. He's a photographer and the author of the cult novel, Finding the Moon in Sugar. Learn more at his website, Liquid Ink. Follow him on Twitter, and like him on Facebook.


  1. I am interested in educating men on how to either stay empowered in their relationship or to find out how they can become empowered. Being empowered is not just for women. It needs some attention I believe and can speak from years of experience with male and couples’ clients.
    Alison Leigh, MFT


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