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Gint Aras has two decades of experience teaching, over ten of them in a Chicago-area community college. He writes a weekly column, True Community, about young men and education. His writing has appeared in St. Petersburg Review (forthcoming, 2014), Antique Children, Criminal Class Review, Curbside Splendor, Dialogo, Šiaurės Atėnai and other publications. He's a photographer and the author of the cult novel, Finding the Moon in Sugar. Check out his website, Liquid Ink and follow Gint on Twitter @Gint_Aras.


  1. I am interested in educating men on how to either stay empowered in their relationship or to find out how they can become empowered. Being empowered is not just for women. It needs some attention I believe and can speak from years of experience with male and couples’ clients.
    Alison Leigh, MFT


  1. [...] note: This story is a response to my call for anonymous submissions. The man who told it has been my acquaintance for about five years. He didn’t feel comfortable [...]

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