In Divorce, Make Sure The Kids Are Safe

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George Peabody has been a carpenter/homebuilder/cabinetmaker, a computer support specialist and a software product manager. He started an ISP, built online aviation training courses, has done market research, and now provides consulting work in financial services. At one time he was a certified life coach. Having survived most of the family and personal crises we are subject to, he's a mostly happy man. Writing is his way to turn learning into purpose. His marriage manifesto is here


  1. Hi George — so sorry to hear about your travails. My parents divorced when I was two, then my mom divorced again and again when I was nine and thirteen. I was fortunate that my stepmom had her eyes trained on me with laser-like focus. It took a long time for me to accept her as my primary caregiver, but she did the job so well regardless. Excellent advice you’re giving to divorcing couples.

    • Gint Aras says:

      Shannon, that sounds like a fascinating story. Your stepmom (your dad remarried only once?) took better care of you and paid closer attention than did your mother. What an angel.

  2. This is a story that must be told – and heard.

    Often, divorcing parents are somewhat attentive to a child’s emotional needs. Then again, some aren’t. But how often are we paying attention to the predators who may be hovering? How often do we miss what’s happening to our children – damage that could be prevented or minimized if, as you say, the parents divorce “well?”

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