The Crushing Exhaustion Will Pass

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Ariane is a psychologist, wife, mother, writer and social media manager. She is not to be left unsupervised in second hand book shops and can be found on twitter @Ariane_JMS.


  1. This is so spot on perfect. It’s the little things, the small kindnesses in response to the big vulnerabilities. Maddie and I have raised 5, and the love keeps getting bigger, as does the chaos. Thanks for a wonderful piece.

  2. Liliana Garcês says:

    When my son was born, almost 3 years ago, I felt my world had only one name to it. I was a Mother. After a miscarriage, after more than a year of waiting to get pregnant and then the 9 months till he was born, FINALLY my little boy, more perfect than I’ve ever dreamed, was here. In my arms. So, I took my life and rename it. Dinis. My baby boy. And made that huge mistake most of us make: forgot I was also a Wife. A Woman. I often did not have sex with my husband nor did I enjoy it when we had sex. I was always exhausted, even though he was the Father my son needed. The only thing he didn’t do was breastfeeding (thank God!!! :) ), he did everything else. And we lost it for a while. It took me 2 years (!!!) to understand our problem. We lacked the fisical touch, the laughter at silly things. I was waiting for that night out to do all of that! And, while waiting, we almost lost it… So, last year, when the Dark Ages of our love began, I was abashed. How come I did not see that Thing coming our way? It took us months to just start talking to each other. There was so much we didn’t say for 2 years! We’re still working on us. But now, we do not wait. We love each other every time we have a second and we do not wait for dates. Although those are welcome, you are right! They’re rare and often over rated. :) But those other moments? Well… They’re our little piece of heaven.

  3. Thanks.

    And I think most of the same can be said for any relationship even before you have kids.
    Your desire for each other, the forces that brought you together, shouldn’t start to crumble or wither just because you take the step into commitment, be it marriage or “just” cohabitation.


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