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Terri Trespicio is a media personality & lifestyle expert, and regular contributor to local and national media, including the Today show, Dr. Oz, Anderson Cooper, and The Martha Stewart Show, and on Sirius XM, where she hosted a live daily show. A former senior editor at Whole Living magazine, Terri contributes to a range of publications and writes regularly on dating and relating as a single person in the modern age. She lives in Manhattan. Visit her at and @TerriT on Twitter.


  1. wellokaythen says:

    Who says vampires live forever? In most mythologies there are multiple ways that vampires can die. Even if the Twilight couple existed, their love wouldn’t last literally “forever.”

    Unless the movie means it in the junior high school yearbook way, like “4ever.” I guess that’s the whole point, isn’t it? The movie should end with “4ever” instead of “Forever.”

  2. If I could go back and undate my ex, who I went into the relationship with thinking, “What the hell!” and living for the moment, I would.

    For my part, I’m much happier focussing on forever.

  3. It would be great if human beings fought to think more logically in the face of love and chemistry, then we’d be more prepared for REALITY; long term monogamy and “forever” is a LONGSHOT. Shake hands, stay friends and MOVE ON.

    • Methinks you’re too cynical. The divorce rate AND marital infidelity rate are now hovering around 20%. I don’t think they’re unattainable at all.

  4. Jen, out of what orifice are you pulling that number? 20%? Maybe in Greece, Spain, Italy, Singapore & Poland as statistics show but the US, UK & Australia are all above 43% with Canada at 40% & Sweden at 50%.
    It is a statistical impossibility for the marital infidelity rate to be 20%… have another drink.
    IF people are divorcing less it is because it is a death sentence financially in this economy, it ain’t happiness, honey.


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