The Sexy Husband With the Vacuum Cleaner

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About Susan Harrison

Susan McLeod-Harrison earned her Master of Divinity degree at Regent College (Vancouver, BC) and her Master of Clinical Psychology at George Fox University (Newberg, Oregon). She lives in Newberg where she continues her studies in clinical psychology at the doctoral level. She and her family love to spend time working in their organic garden and going to yard sales together.


  1. The other day I woke up to find my boyfriend doing the dishes.
    I started seducing him on the spot.

    There is no moral to this story.

  2. Love it when my husband either spontaneously does a household chore or does it without complaint when I ask him to. This doesn’t happen very often because he has a full-time job, while I usually work on a part-time basis, so I assume the cooking, cleaning and most of the grocery shopping as my other part-time job. This works well for us because I actually enjoy housework, and he enjoys his job, so we’re even-steven on that score. On occasion, though, my paid job will have me working full-time for a week or 2, and when this happens, my husband lends a hand with the housework so that I’m not left doing double-duty on my own. I love that he does this, and I show him my appreciation (if you know what I mean).

    • FlyingKal says:

      Most of the chores in our household used to get done when my efforts to seduce my girlfriend failed to get her interest away from the TV…

      • I’ve seen your comments around here… and assumed you were married. If you’re not, take it from one who is and run!

        • FlyingKal says:

          @ oh man?:
          Not married, never been. But some time ago I stepped out of a long-term relationship. My only one, so far. At the age of 40+, if that is relevant.

  3. as a single dad I do 100% of the chores and i rarely have sex with anyone. i can not be sure of a connection but i will try not doing any house work for a few years and see how that goes. will forward any relevant data.

  4. Well I do chores not for sex. I just do it because I love my wife and I want to help her. I think its sad if my wife want to have sex with me just because its a reward for me doing the chores, not because she desire me.

  5. FlyingKal says:

    Beyond the fact that 20 year old data is likely irrelevant today, it is interesting there is an assumption that it matters whether or not men have sex 1.6 times more often in a month. Okay, maybe it matters to sociologists. But is sex really so important to the average married man that they would pull less of their weight around the house to get—maybe, on average—one and a half more rolls in the hay per month? (I would say something like “love-making sessions” but the approach of the media is to turn even married sex into a commodity). I’d hate to think that about men, but the popular media assumes this is true.
    And I’d hate to think that the amount or “frequency” of love-making sessions within a marriage or romantic relationship is of no interest or importance to the average woman. But based on this article, its’ author seems to assume this is true.

  6. If you were a married man you’d never question that yes, it does matter if I’m having sex 1.6 more times per month. Most married men are not getting enough sexual activity from their wives as it is.

    My wife doesn’t bug me about household chores even though I rarely clean restrooms, vacuum, or hand wash dishes because she knows she’s never had to spend two hours mowing the yard in 90+ degree heat, never changed a light bulb, never cleaned out a clogged drain, never repaired the washer, dryer, or dishwasher, never replaced an AC filter, never checked tire air pressure, never makes sure (or worries) the house is secure at night, never changed a dead car battery, and never stressed or spent any mental energy worrying about how to budget for or plan household improvements.

    From what I can gather from a sports message board I frequent a lot of wives still consider any number of things their husbands do on a regular basis (similar to the list above) to be “you don’t do anything around here”.

  7. When I first saw the title, I was confused as it seemed to contradict previous data. In fact, I had written a blogpost a few years back about men who did housework having MORE sex.

    Thank you for clarifying as well as asking the more relevant question between sexual satisfaction and marital satisfaction. I would hypothesize or possibly project that the answer would be different between men and women, but that study is up to someone else to do..

    Thanks for sharing this,
    Adam Sheck

  8. What I have taken from this study’s discussion in media is this; if you want to make your partner happy, do something extra unasked for. If you always do a fair share of
    Housework, just keepin the status quo won’t make our partner more amorous. Something unexpected and above the “call of duty” might

  9. And yet the one thing you neglected to mention is that those other studies surveyed women about how much sex their husbands got. This study is the only one I’ve seen that surveys husbands.

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