You SHOULD Get Married…10 Reasons Why

Comic Emily Hartridge convinces us that marriage is worth our while (and dances in her cute pajama shorts).

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  1. Yeah…I don’t feel comfortable getting married while, in the US, gay people don’t have the equal right to get married.

  2. I do love being married. It’s no guarantee we’ll want to go to the same movie, and there’ll be no squeezing of fruit metaphors out of other fruit metaphors in this marriage, thanks, but there’s the support, and the sex, and the kissing, and those are really good.

    • So you cant get the sex and kissing w/o getting married?

      • No, that’s not the logical conclusion. It’s only that these things are nice benefits of marriage, not that you can’t get them otherwise.

        • @Justin….

          Great to hear you have a seemingly healthy marriage. Seriously. It is something that eluded me during my years of marriage. So, I have given up and decided to go in a different direction with women.

          I would argue that for most married men, yours is atypical. But, I guess it depends on how long you have been married. When it comes to sex and intimacy, I think marriage is a killer for those two things.

          Nearly a third of all marriages are sexless. I would further argue that another 50% lack any degree of real enthusiasm for sex and kissing by the women in the marriage. Only a quarter to a third of marriages are probably sexually healthy.

          Sex is the canary in the coal mine.

          Just saying.

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