NYC Monday Afternoon – Awaiting Sandy

The only places still open are corner delis and pizza joints selling food and water to the emergency preparedness dilettantes and the bars, where New Yorkers are doing what you would expect New Yorkers to do. Throwing hurricane parties and having a cocktail as the storm rolls in.

Public Parks, including the piers along the river, are closed so we can’t march out past the cop cars and police tape and see what the river is doing.

The shelters are open. The subways aren’t. The motor traffic is down to a trickle. Now we wait and see what Sandy really has in store for us. That is to say, Sandy and five other insane weather patterns (plus the full moon) who appear to have decided to throw a collective Frankenparty right over Times Square.

Glad I’m not the presidential candidate who recently suggested we should shut down FEMA. I’m thinking at this point, with cranes starting to fall, we might need some serious disaster management firepower all along the East coast.


The Hudson River surges beneath the Carrier Intrepid near 49th street.


All city parks are closed.


While New Yorkers take it all in stride.


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  1. Joanna Schroeder says:

    It’s nice to see folks still wearing shorts, despite hurricanes.

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