Why I Hate $%$&#@! Downton Abbey Following Season Three

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  1. You are right in general but if it is the plot twist I think you are writing about the actor decided to leave the show and there is only a couple of ways to handle it and it seems for the story of the other character attached to the character needing to leave the writer decided to kill them off.

    I don’t hate the show because of the treatment of that particular character

  2. Just to be clear, the show is actually syndicated by ITV — it’s not a BBC drama.

  3. Josh Labron says:

    Everything you said in this is either wrong, or just plain offensive. You obviously haven’t done your research, especially on the history of that time!

    • How is this offensive? And what research did he fail to do? He made no reference to historical inaccuracies, even though the show is RIFE with them, for God’s sake. If anyone failed to do his research, it’s the writer of the show.

      He’s right about the plot devices and the chemistry issues and the copious amount of tears.

  4. Full disclosure- I’ve never watched a moment of Downtown Abbey- I figure it for a whiteface minstrel show romanticizing servitude & inequity…
    I did just listen to a fascinating interview on the subject with Lucy Lethbridge author of Servants: A Downstairs History Of Britain From The Nineteenth Century To Modern Times and return to my observation that the Brits were an ovine nation.
    “… These girls were on average about 13 or 14 and if they had come from very poor, particularly urban households, hideously undernourished, this was an incredibly long day. The average housemaid, it was calculated in the 1890s, carried three tons of water every week up and down stairs. They were tiny, these girls. … If you look at photographs of them they were little shrimps of girls….”


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