My Love Affair With a 1977 Fiat X1/9

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John Tinseth ex-deputy sheriff, ex-paratrooper, and ex-park ranger, is the author of the men's style blog, The Trad, whose tag line, "Not as good as it was—better than it will be," sums up his view of life. You think it's bad now? Just wait. Appreciate it while you can. As an Army brat, Tinseth saw enough of the world at an early age to know “assholes are everywhere." For this reason, he doesn't like much, but what he does like is what he loves. Tinseth hangs his clothes, for now, in New York City.


  1. i swear i had that fiat as a toycar, when i was a child. loved it shape and distinctive rear third.
    i saw fiat, and thought of rust back then.
    even in early 1990s fiat pandas(as lovely as they were) were known for rust. from what i recall from secondhand car price guides, a good of cars from different manufacturers were rust buckets

    Ultravox, Fleetwood Mac, Kool and the Gang, Boston, The Bee Gees, Rod Stewart and KC & The Sunshine Band cassettes

    you have a fine ‘eye’ for music – tunnnnnnnes

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