You Never Know: Alone with Sandy

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About Sean Carney

Sean Carney is a writer from Philadelphia. While working on his second novel, he tries to provide a distraction from daily life by writing funny stories about daily life. You can read more on his blog, The Witty Gritty, or get in touch on Facebook orTwitter. Sean is single, so donations of food or toilet paper are always appreciated.


  1. Tom Janus says:

    Great post…I can relate, but not for me living near where the storm happened, it’s for the fact I’m single and also live alone. Oh..and food, toilet paper, and clean underwear are a must…)))

  2. Hi Sean, this isn’t a funny story, but it’s just as relevant, so i thought I would share with you and your readers regarding aftermath of Hurricane Sandy:
    Right now I am feeling so sad.

    A friend, who was my doorman, in my old building downtown in the Financial District, just called me. He has lived in Long Beach, L.I., New York for over thirty years. Right next to the beach. He had to evacuate. Lost everything during Hurricane Sandy. The entire area of Long Beach is wiped out. It’s one of those days, when I receive this kind of news, I just sit and cry. I cannot do anything to bring people’s homes back or bring people’s lives back. But I am so grateful that he is alive.

    There are more and more stories coming out. My friend, RT, is a licensed acupuncturist. She went into the local armory in downtown Brooklyn, where they are housing hundreds and hundreds of beds to the elderly who were in a nursing home in Rockaway. She has been going into this huge facility daily offering healing treatments to these elderly people. They are so overwhelmed, not knowing where they are and what is happening. God bless my friend RT for offering healing to many of the elderly there.

    People from the northwest of the United States drove a Red Cross truck up to Red Hook, Brooklyn, to give 300 meals to people who have been without power and heat since the storm.

    A church on the lower east side rented busses to take volunteers out to Rockaway to help clear up the debris. Do anything they possibly can to help people out.

    Lots of organizations hiring busses and gathering people together to volunteer.

    Individuals renting SUV’s and taking supplies to their friends, neighbors and strangers in Staten Island, Rockaway, New jersey.

    If you are unable to volunteer, please donate and also there are some websites that you can donate clothing that will go directly to the folks’ local churches where they can pickup supplies they so desperately need. Just be careful not to go onto any bogus websites.

    Below are a few that are trustworthy.

    Here are a few: American Red Cross,
    Occupy Sandy
    New York Cares

    Bless you all and be kind to one another.

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