The Jockstrap: A Rite of Passage

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CJ Kaplan is an EMMY® Award winning freelance writer living in the Boston area. His first book, Jews Clues: You're Doing It All Wrong, is available now. You can see samples of all his work at Contact [email protected]


  1. Thank you for sharing this! My son is only 3 but I can see this is our future LOL! I also hope that his little brother doesn’t catch him when he is not wearing it. Great read for a Monday morning :)

  2. Roger Durham says:

    Great story, CJ. My sons are 26, 24 and 20, but I still remember those firsts, as if they were yesterday. What I can tell you is this – they are like building blocks – each “passage” lays a foundation for more meaningufl interactions with your son when the stakes are higher and the consequences more significant. Take every chance you can get to bond with your son. It will pay off down the road.

  3. Jameseq says:

    Good point.

    Rites of passage for young boys and girls, and indeed pagentry has been lost from most western cultures. We live in an age where plain bread and water is a delicious delicacy.
    The onset of periods with the ability to gestate life seems more majesterial than growing facial hair, voice breaking, seminal fluid

    Yes i say. teenage boys need a return of a rite so they can be ceremonially inducted into manhood

    • You can have our periods, if you want. A rite of passage is rather romanticizing periods, isn’t it? Seems kind of silly to say periods mark womanhood, as many girls receive their periods at 12.

      • Jameseq says:

        There is more attention given to female puberty, which is understandable it’s more complicated with its bewildering range of Pads, tampons etc

        I dont want periods, it looks cumbersome. Why dont you want your periods.

        • But I seriously doubt any girl who gets her period feels as this little boy did getting his cup. Ask any girl how she felt when she started her period, and I’ll doubt she’ll tell you she ran all over proudly proclaiming her womanhood. More attention might be given, but by no means is that attention celebratory in fashion. Rather, it’s given more attention because periods are, by nature, quite messy, and if you want to avoid that messiness, you better be informed about pads, tampons, and all that.

  4. Jameseq says:

    Rereading my post of a few hours ago, it could be read as a sarcastic post. It wasnt, my post was serious

  5. Great story. I think as parents we all have to go through something like this but it’s good to hear that little league are also having to wear jockstraps. I am launching a website in the UK to get more children protecting themselves at an early age with jockstraps so that they learn the benefits and keep themselves safe in the hope that this will continue in later life.


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