VIDEO: 8-Year-Old Fights Slavery with Lemonade

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About Cameron Conaway

Cameron Conaway, Executive Editor at The Good Men Project, is a former MMA fighter and an award-winning poet. He is the author of Caged: Memoirs of a Cage-Fighting Poet, Bonemeal: Poems and Until You Make the Shore. Conaway is on the Editorial Board at Slavery Today. Follow him on Google+ and on Twitter: @CameronConaway.


  1. wellokaythen says:

    If someone hasn’t already, please hook her up with a decent accountant, someone who understands how to create a non-profit organization, the sales taxes required, etc. Please get that sorted out before making her too famous. The IRS can be a total buzzkill….

    • Eric Harr says:

      First and foremost: huge, heartfelt gratitude to you, Cameron. You have been so sweet and supportive of Vivienne–and I read your messages to her all the time. You infuse her with hope and strength in this quest.

      To wellokaythen, I am really glad you raised this point. From the beginning, we have worked with a well-respected accounting firm (BPM)–to make sure every single dollar is accounted for, properly taxed and given to Not For Sale. Also, #MAKEASTAND Lemon-aid will have 501(c)3 status by November 1st. We are taking that very seriously. Moreover, we are publishing all the books online; this is a 100% transparent undertaking. After all, it comes from an 8-year-old’s heart. It needs to be pure and authentic and honest:

      Thank you again, everyone!

      Eric Harr

  2. WellOkayThen,

    Good point! She’s got a great team around her with her parents and with Not For Sale helping out as well. Here’s to her finishing strong and without buzzkill! :)


  3. Quadruple A says:

    I just donated.

    • Eric Harr says:

      You ARE awesome. THANK YOU! Every dollar goes to Not For Sale to fight child slavery. Your support means so much to Vivienne – and to all of those who follow her quest, that we can ALL be the change. Thank you again!

      Eric Harr

  4. Quadruple A:

    You. Are. Awesome.



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