10 Movies That Will Absolutely, Positively Make a Make Man Cry (A List of Mostly Lists)

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While a high school junior, Ryan Björklund went to Australia on a student exchange program. Although an invaluable experience for him, it also depleted all the money he had accumulated for college tuition. Upon receiving zero scholarships despite scoring above-average on the ACT, he joined the US Army and served from 2006-2012, working as an ammo supply specialist, engineer, and cavalry scout. He was honorably discharged as a 19D20 (SGT) cavalry scout from Ft. Bliss, TX and now lives in Pittsburgh.


  1. ““10 Ways A Stay-At-Home Dad Can Spank His Kids Without Getting Laid Low Like Jerry Sandusky””

    Umm….Spanking compared to sexual abuse? Huh?

    But to answer the title…I can think of:
    The notebook
    Marley and Me
    Life as a house
    Saving Private Ryan
    Anything with a dog that dies.
    Any major act of sacrifice with the right music
    and finally of course Dragonheart.

  2. ok, I admit, when I clicked on this link, my first thought was, “what tear jerker movie features a row of women’s butts likeTHAT? I must have missed that one.” :-)

  3. Cinema Paradiso

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