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I was born in Minnesota. I moved a lot and ended up in Alabama. Once there, I realized that I didn't want a regular job, so I decided that I would do comedy. I'm now in Atlanta figuring out how to get famous. I doubt it will work, but I'm enjoying the process thoroughly.


  1. Applying for jobs after 16 years out of work, nearby car wash never acknowledged my application. Same went for Starbucks and Whole Foods. I did have 1st & 2nd interviews on same day for new Target that was opening up in town a couple of years ago… after spending two hours in interview process all I got in reply was an email pretty much saying, “Not what we are looking for at this time.” *And I used to spend thousands of dollars there every year!

    Husband is almost two years out of work.; he was once vice president of customer service department. in homebuilding industry – seems these jobs are now obsolete. Now that’s discouraging.

    Fingers crossed for better luck for you.

    • I cannot imagine doing this with a family. I’m very lucky to be single with low expenses. My heart goes out to you.

  2. Wow. This is so spot on. I thought it was just me checking out those cars. I use excuses like “I don’t need a car” or “I’m happier without that”, but as I get older, I find I have more and more people to whom to answer for my choice in traveling lifestyle. The rejection is the hardest, but unlike you, I don’t really have hope I’ll land back on my feet.

    • “I find I have more and more people to whom to answer for my choice in traveling lifestyle.” I feel that, too. But., I wonder if that’s a misconception stemming from insecurity rather than a reality.

  3. PsyConomics says:

    I was unemployed for a year (right out of college too, class of 09, worst the recession had to offer to date if I recall correctly) before deciding to go back to school. The original plan was to get a bit of math and jump into actuarial exams. 2 years of part-time (to save on tuition/loans) later I got admitted to a stats masters program. College just doesn’t seem worth it anymore without either connections in an industry or graduate work.

    For me the worst part wasn’t the boredom, I can fix that with games/internet/job applications. The worst part for me was the sheer feeling of being useless, having no place to fit into society. Like a metaphysical version of one of those extra pegs you get when you buy Ikea furniture. Not only no place to be but no use, no easy way to find a use, and a terrifying feeling (that to this day occasionally keeps me up at night) that I will never have a use.

    • The fear of unfulfilled potential and that ache to contribute are feelings I am very familiar with. I wish I was able to offer a brighter and more optimistic perspective, but I think sometimes you have to accept the difficulty of a situation and work through it. It sounds as if you’ve got something happening with that masters program. I would imagine that statisticians are very employable.

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