Newark Mayor Cory Booker’s “Meet the Press” Gaffe: More Politics as Usual

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  1. Peter Houlihan says:

    Has the US ever considered proportional representation? We have it over here and it works a charm. We generally have at least three main parties in our Dáil, a couple of smaller ones and a few independants.

  2. Jim Capatelli says:

    “progressive bona fides?”

    Really, Oliver. Hey, I sincerely do not mean to be snarky or hostile, but I’d appreciate it if you could provide us with some concrete examples—in both rhetoric and policies. Because I don’t see it. I see exactly the opposite. Outside of “social issue liberalism”—which in most non-southern states these days, is practically bi-partisan—I don’t see it. Heck, even Dick Cheney believes that gays should be married; Grover Nordquist has zero problems with a woman’s right to choose regarding her own reproductive rights.

    How do I make such judgements about the very seductive charlatan that is Cory Booker? Facts. 10 minutes on Google showed me more than enough.

  3. Oliver Lee Bateman says:

    Oh, all of the praise directed at CB in here is faint, to say the least. He’s got a nice CV, had a fair football career at Stanford, and he’s worked hard to get where he is, but that’s the extent of it. The real point of the piece is to show that he’s just another “centrist” (i.e., someone who couples “social issue liberalism” with near-total Wall Street support/ownership)…and that he’d assuredly run attack ads if it came to it. He’s a “progressive” only in the sense that it helps his cause to present himself that way. So I’m with you on this one, Jim.

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