Reasons I Have Rejected Guys Based on Their OkCupid Profiles

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Bridget Callahan wants to meet this generation's Hemingway, and have him cheat on her profusely. She writes one of those blog things at and currently attends UNCW.


  1. Aww. After that last sentence I’m never eating Napoleon ice cream again.


  2. I’m a bit confused. For some time now, GMP has been running these “list” posts. By and large, the concept appears to be to find someone – preferably someone who is good at writing a funny text – to write a text that says “1) here’s my preference on subject A, and 2) people who have a different preference are idiots. 3) and probably assholes”. And I can’t figure out what the point might be?

    Why are GMP running these posts? Purely for entertainment value? Or is there an idea that these posts somehow further the discussion that is central to GMP? In other words, are these posts meant simply as comic relief?

    My apologies to Bridget for putting this here – it’s really not about the specifics of your posts, but I can’t think of anywhere else to put the comment. I trust you won’t mind me piggybacking too much.

  3. I’ve gotten some feedback that I have a shitty presumptuous arbitrary attitude, and I hate open relationships. The first part is of course completely true. The second part is not. I just don’t know of any couple in their first year of raising a baby who has to time to sleep with each other, let alone other people.

    • *Raises hand*. Of course, those were existing other partners and blah blah. Point is, people are different, some thing are outside my experience, outside what I’d want to do, outside what I think is a good idea. Doesn’t make the people doing those things assholes (but probably means I wouldn’t try to have a relationship with them)

  4. I continue to maintain that the best profile for a guy on a dating website is to write nothing, and simply put a photo of yourself with a $100 bill taped to your forehead.
    Sit back and watch the magic begin.

  5. Wow….

    A lot of these I’ve read on WOMEN’s profiles and I am not quick to reject them.

    But really, size and shape shaming, general single guy shaming, blatant hypocrisy (isn’t that a hoodie in the author photo?)…. Why is this on this site?

    • I’ve been terribly unimpressed with the spate of “list” articles lately. Lots of shaming and “humor” at the expense of men who are “uncool,” or whatever, but not a lot of discussion about what a good man (or good person, for that matter, or a good life or good spirit) really is.

  6. Good, leave all the cat loving guys to me.

  7. The first post I’ve read here since I swore off the site when it got over-run by MRAs. Hi Bridget!

  8. Hank Vandenburgh says:

    I’m strikin’ out on cats and astrology. Dogs are messy, and they’re time sucks. I’ve done professional astrology. It works better than the Meyers-Briggs.

    My wife is a marathon-NCIS watcher, and I can’t stand it, so kudos on that one. We made a deal where I don’t watch much CNN, and she forgoes a lot of NCIS.

  9. I just find it amazing how some people judge other people based off of what is portrayed on a profile online without actually meeting and getting to know a person live and in person. I’ve met quite a few people off of dating sites that portray nothing of what they project in their profile. Some were a good match in person that were not a good match online and vice versa. Most of them i clicked better with them as friends or even sexually but not romantically.

  10. Peter von Maidenberg says:

    Prefers cats over dogs: What kind of soulless freak believes this?

    I like ‘em both. You’re cruisin’ for sorrow if you want a Hemingway type who doesn’t like kitties.

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