The 50 Best Matches in WWF/WWE History – Part 2

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Jim Jividen (@JimJividen) is a lawyer, a professionally produced playwright, a game show winner, and the owner of a 2009 Honda Accord on which he diligently makes payments. He can distinguish among dozens of different suplex variants and may be occasionally read at his two non-revenue producing blogs, Basically Gherkins and What if Steamboat Beat Hogan? Jim’s been a college instructor since the top of 2004 and is currently working in the mist as a Course Mentor for Western Governors University.


  1. Hello! List is good but why is The Undertaker vs Mick Foley in first ever Hell in a Cell match not number 1. It went major extremes and put both athletes thru unbelievable pain. I mean Mick Foley choked slammed thru the top of the cage, bob wired bat, thumb tacks, and a lot more. They set the bar in extreme hardcore matches. It was awesome. Fond memories!


  1. [...] what the fans are doing when Triple H makes his frustrated face at the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Facial expressions aren’t workrate. And if crowd reaction drove star ratings, Hulk Hogan would be regarded like Jushin Thunder [...]

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