The Super Bowl History of the 49ers + Super Bowl 47 Prediction

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Jim Jividen (@JimJividen) is a lawyer, a professionally produced playwright, a game show winner, and the owner of a 2009 Honda Accord on which he diligently makes payments. He can distinguish among dozens of different suplex variants and may be occasionally read at his two non-revenue producing blogs, Basically Gherkins and What if Steamboat Beat Hogan? Jim’s been a college instructor since the top of 2004 and is currently working in the mist as a Course Mentor for Western Governors University.


  1. […] I’ve been an open and notorious fan of all matters San Francisco sports since Scott Bull chaired the Niner offense. There maybe isn’t a single day of my conscious life that I haven’t thought, at least once, of some element of one of my teams (I made it through my dad’s wake by thinking about Sleepy Floyd’s 29 point quarter against the Lakers in the ’87 western semis. It’s what he would have wanted). The 49ers have been in a couple of protracted blood feuds in my life, rivalries that really galvanized the fan base. I dated a Dallas Cowboy fan for awhile but could not have in either the early 80s or 90s; she dumped me a couple of years before the ’92 NFC Title game, had she said “look, before long I’ll be wearing an Alvin Harper jersey, and the sex just won’t be worth it for you” I would have received that better than hearing she was going back to her old boyfriend. […]

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