When the Best Man for the Job is a Woman: Kathyrn Bigelow and ZD30

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Blake Pynnonen is a writer, student, and educator, living and working in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He writes for GRE Question of the Day . He has previously taught English in Korea, where, on the plane ride over, he started learning the language.


  1. “In killing Maya’s foil off, Bigelow presents a straight-and-narrow path for a woman of authority: the unothered, rational female must strictly adhere to the rules of the game in order to compete successfully in the world of men. In presenting Maya as a successful player, Bigelow also presents herself, a woman competing successfully in a male arena.”

    That – along with the title – recall the radical feminist ideology of the 70s. It is a cramped, narrow, divisive and self-pitying view of the world. It only serves to reduce the serious topic, and person, to an ideological battle. And it is no compliment to Bigelow.

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