A Modern-Day Jim Crow for Gays

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  1. My tolerance of your belief in the supernatural is not grounds for you to display intolerance. Is that simple enough, Rep. Richard Ander­son? You are given the freedom to have your bigoted beliefs, but not to impose them on others.

  2. Oh if only the thoughtful had the moral certitude of the intolerant. Is there not a scintilla of doubt in a true believer’s mind that maybe, just maybe they are the ones who are the problem ?

    What ever is the fear of folks like Rep. Anderson in this manic focus on trying to delete any contact or cognition that some folks have different strokes ? No one asks them to join the gay rights movement….but it would be nice for him to keep his nose out of their business. The vision crippled righ wing idiotlogues are certainly not the victims, for pigs sake ! Whose trying to ban whom, anyhow ?

    To quote my twittering students, “omg.”


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