Are Men Legally Required to Ask Their Spouse’s Permission for a Vasectomy?

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  1. This is beyond disturbing. Dont you (hopefully if you are married) believe in coming to your spouse with everything? My husband just did this, he told me he was going to do it and that was that i told him I didnt support it and with all my pleading he had a friend drive him. Its horrible, I feel like a knife has stabbed me in the abdomen. Why get married if you can’t go to your spouse and make that decision together? I am a Christian and believe that the ” two become one”, I do believe in marriage forever, but this is horrible. It definitley makes you second guess your marriage. That trust is gone. So for all you who saynits your body, well, it is, but when you are married you are to serve, please and enjoy one another and trust me, no matter how right you feel, it will hurt your marrige. Its not about being right, its about one another…think before you do something this devastating and permanent. (Yes its reversible for alot of $$$ and going through that again but that isnt the same)


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