Behold, the Narcissist

A new study sheds light on heterosexual male narcissists and their dislike of women.

Narcissistic men aren’t as self-centered as we thought. They’re sure to take time for other people—especially heterosexual women, who they enjoy disparaging.

Sify News reports that a recent study, published in Sex Roles: A Journal of Research, reveals that narcissistic heterosexual men don’t mind lesbians, but they sure don’t like straight women.

As it turns out, there is a surprising amount of room for social mobility in one-man narcissistic societies. The straight narcissist sees his female counterpart as the one who determines his patriarchal success and social status, according to Dr. Scott Keiller.

At least now we really know why Michael Scott and Jan never worked out on The Office. She had this metaphorical power over him, and she was his boss. Adding a narcissist to a powerful woman and then multiplying it with sex is like dividing by zero. It can’t happen.

The narcissists get mad at women for occupying positions of power. The men feel entitled to those positions, eschewing the more modern egalitarian relationship for the good old patriarchal dynamic.

“Although narcissists may want to maintain feelings of superiority and power over all people,” Keller said, “narcissistic heterosexual men are particularly invested in subordinating heterosexual women.”

Narcissists get a bad rap. Hopefully Keiller’s study opens some eyes and shows that narcissists aren’t really as narcissistic as they seem (it makes sense).

It’s hard out there for a pimp of the self. Nero, Hitler, O.J., and Elvis Presley were tragic figures. They deserve some compassion, no? Try keeping yourself self-satisfied, while hating women, while simultaneously trying to find one willing to pleasure you and hopefully be your mate.

That’s some hard work.

–Ryan O’Hanlon


  1. This article is why I no longer wish to read anything on this website. Good-bye, Good Men Project…

  2. Sounds like my ex-husband, too.

  3. Sounds like my ex-husband.

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