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Ryan O'Hanlon is the managing editor of the Good Men Project. He used to play soccer and go to college. He's still trying to get over it. You can follow him on Twitter @rwohan.


  1. I can’t say enough good things about Simon. My son has MPS III and Simon has been such a great friend to us. He speaks with me about twice a week and his guidance and leadership have been such a huge comfort to me.

    I happen to live in the US and know that Simon has similar relationships with people in Europe. Simon is truly making a difference around the world.

    The world can live without another sleeping aid but there are many children afflicted with MPS that won’t live a full life without the treatment. For particularly challenging versions of MPS – like the one my son has – there is no treatment yet. Simon is a strong voice for many the people who would suffer without medical help.

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