Good Men Project in the News

Haven’t been googling “The Good Men Project” every five minutes? Don’t worry, we have. Here’s what’s been happening.

*Our occasionally coherent editor, Benoit Denizet-Lewis, was on CBS radio in Minneapolis to talk about this little magazine. Click to listen. Benoit on CBS Radio

*The New York Observer featured us in an article called A Few Good Men.

*New York magazine wrote about us under the brilliant headline, Men’s Magazines Birthing All Over the Place.

*Deadspin gave a shout out to our story about a boy who hit puberty when he was only nine.

*Gawker chimed in and linked to our only story about penises.

For media reaction from our first week, click here.

More expected in the next week. Stay tuned. Peace out. (And don’t believe everything you read. Unless you read it here.)

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