Hot or Not?

A new study finds that men judge women in milliseconds, while women—God bless them—like to get to know us first.

We didn’t need a study to tell us this, but researchers at the University of Amsterdam found that men appraise and reject or accept potential mates within milliseconds of seeing them, while women take longer to form an opinion, The Telegraph reports.

The scientists took a group of twenty men and twenty women and asked them to perform certain tasks. At the same time, they showed participants pictures of faces of the opposite sex—a mix of attractive and unattractive.

Upon seeing the attractive face, men lost some of their focus, but women seemed to keep their concentration just fine.

From the story:

Prof van Vugt said: “Men definitely have the most wandering eye but it is because they have evolved to pay attention to cues of fertility and one of those cues is facial beauty—it’s not that men are shallow.”

Imagine that. All these years we thought we were just shallow, but the truth is that we can’t help ourselves.

—Seth Putnam


  1. Roger Durham says:

    Hot. Oh, I mean, interesting article. In praise of DNA!

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