Men Are Depressing

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  1. SO…men talk more and open up about their feelings, and it leads to _more diagnoses_ of depression. It does not lead to more depression, just more knowledge of it.

    And, with some good help, those men will get RID of some of that depression. I would therefore predict men will have less depression over the next century.

    But then, my facts on it are a bit limited.

    • I’d have to agree. I think the only reason it seems men are more depressed is because they’re actually talking about it, rather than merely hiding it.

  2. The reasons for male depression and suicide are easy to understand.

    Feminist influence has turned the hand of the state against men and boys.

    Sometimes, the victims of feminist institutional hatred are young boys:

    Other times, the victims of feminist institutional hatred are male infants:

    Either way, the message is loud and clear: all men are depraved predators.

    Law enforcement understands this feminist mandate, and looks for any excuse to break male bones and slap handcuffs on male wrists.

    Judges also understand the feminist hatred, and look for any excuse to remove a father’s children (95% primary physical to women) and transform him into a living ATM machine.

    Given the amount of feminist inspired social abuse, hostility, and neglect faced by men, why the surprise?

    • You, too. Until you provide facts that aren’t from websites bashing feminists, your opinion holds no water.

      The reason for male depression has nothing to do with feminists. You are implying men cannot make their own decision and are absolutely helpless against we womenz. Male depression has everything to do with choice. You can choose to feel upset that your wife is the primary provider, or you can support her and do all you can to contribute to the household as well. As for divorce courts, why do single fathers exist, then? Why are single fathers on the rise?

      The reason fathers have had a difficult time gaining children is because decades ago it was thought women were more nurturing, so fathers never had a reason to fight. That attitude carried to the present day, and now fathers are just realizing they have to, you know, actually fight. Judges give children to the parent that fights the hardest and shows the most desire (excluding a parent that may be abusive or just can’t provide at all).

  3. courage the cowardly dog says:

    “Furthermore, western women are increasingly becoming the primary household earners, with 22 per cent of wives earning more than their husbands in 2007, versus only 4 per cent in 1970. Compared to women, men attach greater importance to their roles as providers and protectors of their families, and men’s failure to fulfill the role of breadwinner is associated with greater depression and marital conflict.”

    –Another great Feminist achievement!!!! thank you Betty, Gloria, Susan and the rest of you bitches.

    • You sound quite bitter and irrational. Are you sure you’re not hormonal?

    • Seriously. Isn’t this a good thing? You’ve been socially conditioned for too long to think it’s your role to be the primary provider, when it wasn’t that way at the beginning of human existence. In fact, both men and women contributed to the tribe, and no one role was more important than the other. You’re just bitter because you have a superiority complex and are upset your ego is no longer being stroked.

  4. PursuitAce says:

    You want the secret to a non-depressed life? Understand that you aren’t responsible for what people think about you. Only for who you are.
    I like my mold and l like fitting into it. Next problem…

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