The 10 at 10

1. No one likes the 9/11 anniversary plans.

2. A discussion on interracial dating.

3. Donate sperm! Oh, and support our team!

4. Can you put your cat on a leash?

5. Global warming could lead to an alien invasion.

6. Yay, puberty for everyone!

7. Conan has a problem with women.

8. Fred Flintstone would be proud.

9. What happens when you get Lasik on Groupon?

10. Stocks are down, again. But hey, it’s Friday!

—Photo tgkrause/Flickr

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Ryan O'Hanlon is the managing editor of the Good Men Project. He used to play soccer and go to college. He's still trying to get over it. You can follow him on Twitter @rwohan.

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