The United States of Awesome

I’ve never considered myself particularly patriotic. But as a recent pseudo-migrant to Canada, I’ve developed an uncanny pride in the U.S. It sort of snuck up on me, eliciting surprisingly anti-Canadian statements like “Yeah, well, Canada spawned Justin Bieber. Chew on that.” (Using phrases like “chew on that” has also evidently snuck up on me.)

Regardless, in response to the recent United States of Shame, I present to you the United States of Awesome, courtesy of blogger Ilya Garner. Lamenting your bad driving label, Massachusetts? Well at least you’re (most likely) college-educated.

Take that, Canada. It’ll teach you for making fun of my flat vowel sounds.


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  1. What does “most equal” mean? Rather, how is Alaska most equal?

  2. Anything measured per capita in Idaho is kind of a reach. There are few people in the state, and one really big computer manufacturer. Woo!

  3. Ha! Ohio’s shame was “Nerdiest State” based on most library visits per capita. It is also what we do awesomely.

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