Would You Let Your Daughter Play Lingerie Football?

How many fathers would be comfortable letting their daughters play in the Lingerie Football League? I mentioned that Angela Rypien, Mark Rypien’s daughter, was following in her father’s footsteps as quarterback for the LFL’s Seattle Mist, and I think my husband’s head did a full 360.  Then I mentioned that her dad had attended the first game on September 30, and he said, “What’s wrong with that guy?”

I doubt my husband is the only father that would feel this way. The strange thing is, Mark’s hands off parenting style seems to be getting a lot of approval in the media. Both daughter and father agree they haven’t really discussed if dad is comfortable with his little girl out there on the field, playing ball in her bra and panties, and he hasn’t stepped up and said, “I think this a horrible idea.”

In fact, Mark spends much time rationalizing to the media how he can sit there in the stands while lusty men cat call his daughter. He is quoted as saying:

Yeah, they’re out there in their bra and panties and they’re playing football. Once the first snap happens and they start smacking each other around, you lose sight of all of that and you’re looking at the technical aspects of the game.

I can’t be sure he really means this because later in the interview when asked if he feels there is the potential of getting in a fight with a fan, he says:

There’s no chance of [a fight] happening. One, some guy [would] probably whoop my a** out in the parking lot. What good’s that gonna do? And if I did whoop his a** in the parking lot, what good’s that gonna do? I’ll get a lawsuit against me.

I hate to point this out, but if the only thing holding a dad back from getting in a fight is a big, messy, publicized lawsuit, then you are probably holding back your true feelings about this situation.

Since when is it “bad” parenting for a dad to want to protect his daughter’s honor and propriety?  Even when our children grow into young adults, it is always the father’s job to protect and care for his children.

How can a father allow his daughter to prostitute herself for a sport in front of millions of fans that calls itself “True Fantasy Football?” Yeah, I think we can all guess what the fantasy is here.

If we want our daughters to grow to feel proud of their bodies and protective of their sexuality, they first must have a strong relationship with their father or father figure. As a young girl comes of age, her father is the first man that demonstrates to her how men treat women, respect them, and honor their sexuality. If a father isn’t showing his daughter this, then who will? If a father isn’t defending this, who will? It’s part of honoring our children and our family, and it IS our job as parents.

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About Megan Rosker

Megan Rosker is the mom of three young children, a former teacher and ed and play advocate. She writes about how to change education and the culture of childhood in America. Her advocacy has been featured in the New York Times and she is the recent recipient of the Daily Points of Light Award.


  1. Christina says:


    Do you have any idea how much you insulted Angela Rypien? She’s an adult. What her father thinks does not matter.

    “Since when is it ‘bad’ parenting for a dad to want to protect his daughter’s honor and propriety?”

    This sounds like something you would read in a defense for “purity balls” or “chastity pledges,” whatever you want to call them.

  2. “How can a father allow his daughter to prostitute herself for a sport in front of millions of fans that calls itself “True Fantasy Football?” Yeah, I think we can all guess what the fantasy is here.”

    I’m surprised that you confined your criticism of Rypien to the charge of negligent, insufficient parenting. If a father enthusiastically supports his daughter’s participation in ribald, titilating activity, then the chief suspicion is that this father has an unsavory, untoward interest in his own daughter.

  3. As a woman I find your stance offensive. It’s not my father’s job to ‘protect my honour.’ it’s his job to treat me and my choices with respect, and mentor me in a supportive way. What could be more supportive than this guy coming out to watch his kid play a game she loves?

    You have focused entirely on this dad, like he invented lingerie football. Yes, it’s frustrating that women have to play in their undies to get PR, but that’s not his fault. He probably just wants to support his kid as she plays a game she loves. Maybe he wishes he could see his daughter play in pants, but that’s not his reality.

  4. I don’t believe she is saying that the father should go on the field and pick his daughter up over his shoulder and storm out, or tell her what to do with her life. You people leap at any chance to bash the contributors of this website

    • kay, then if we’re wrong, what IS she saying? She’s been asked by several commenters and posters on this site “what would you have him do?” And so far, there’s been no response.So what do you think the author wants fathers in this position do? or did you just want another chance to appear morally superior to the rest of the commenters on this board?

  5. You people are so fucking hostile and misguided. You read all of these articles every day just to bash the ideals behind the site you’re paying so much attention to. Fuck off and get a life.

    • In other words, we’re the problem because you say so? Mature.

      If you have issues with what people are stating, then why don’t you use your great enlightenment to take on their arguments instead of having a hissy?

      If you disagree so strongly and they are so misguided, then it should be terribly easy to nullify their points. If you can’t do that, then maybe the many detractors of this sight have a much better point than you’re willing to admit and that’s why you’re REALLY angry.

      Many men AND WOMEN are not willing to tolerate radical feminists broken ideology anymore. Oh my god, reasonable men and women are actually advocating what feminists CLAIM to advocate: RESPECT FOR WOMEN’S CHOICES (just you know: ALL of them).

  6. If Megan Rosker were to print this article on a feminist forum, but talk about a fathers obligation to stop a grown woman from entering the military she would be dog-piled.

    Isn’t it ironic that feminists claim that they want to throw off patriarchal (not to mention purity) influences on women, unless they happen to align with the way feminists think. Every woman is somebody’s daughter. How about at colleges we go back to all sororities (no living off campuses) with matrons who enforce no visitors and lights out? How about we have chaperones anywhere that women go to under the age of 25? How about women don’t have the right to drive until 25 (I mean if they can’t be trusted with their sexuality, then why trust them with anything).
    Where is this RESPECT FOR WOMEN’S DECISIONS feminism was supposed to be all about.

    If you thought you were going to tap into some kind of white-knight bs, you thought wrong.
    Men are starting to wise up to feminists tricks. Why ask this dad to step in, when dad’s are optional to families anyway–don’t you know?

    • Transhuman says:

      What really burns the feminists is, despite their relentless propaganda, there are still women who will make their own choices. Maybe the cropping of the picture conceals the armed criminals pointing loaded firearms at the women and forcing them to play. Perhaps their families are being held hostage and threatened with death if the women don’t don skimpy outfits and play American Football.

      Or maybe these adults made their own decisions…I know scary thought but roll it around a bit and think on it. Its possible.

      • Hey, I’m a feminist, and I think the LFL is a great silliness — but I agree with those who say that a father has no business telling a grown daughter what to do. We don’t solve one oppression (sexualization) with another equally bad idea (paternalism.)

        • The problem with your analysis hugo (and the analysis w/almost all your articles and most feminist scholars I come across) is that feminism seems to want to throw out all moralizing and shaming and declare it’s own as the only valid one.

          People who criticize grown adult women for inter-racial relationships? Bad.
          People who criticize grown adult women for gay relationships? Bad.
          People who criticize grown adult women for entering dangerous fields/military? Bad.
          People who criticize teen girls having abortions? Bad.
          People who criticize grown adult women for modeling/porn/sex work? A-ok!
          People who criticize grown adult women for having relationships with much older men? A-ok!

          Respecting women’s decisions (i.e. treating them as adults) means doing so for ALL DECISIONS, not to pick and choose.

          Your warnings over your “women freely expressing their sexuality = oppression” meme is not substantially different than men telling women they can’t enter the military.

          In both instances you have men telling women they are trying to protect them. In both instances you have men claiming to know better than the women themselves what is best for them.

          The difference? You declare the view of the other oppressive man (trying to stop women entering dangerous fields) as invalid and your own view as enlightened, even though it is not different in any substantial way—-they both come from a source of infantilizing women.

          It reminds me of the metallica song “holier than thou”
          Arrogance and ignorance go hand in hand.

          • I’m a feminist and I don’t think people have a right to criticize grown adult women for inter-racial relationships, gay relationships, entering dangerous fields/military, having abortions, modeling/porn/sex work, relationships with much older men.

            And yes, if my daughter were an adult and wanted to play Lingerie Football I wouldn’t give her a hard time over it. I may not fully understand the allure but if she’s happy I don’t care. As with any professional athlete, I would warn her to have a back-up plan for when her sports career is over.

            • Hey Jeni,
              I applaud you for having the consistency that most mainstream feminist authors and public pundits don’t. I’ve very rarely seen them pass up an opportunity to infantilize women.

              This can especially be seen when you see feminists editorialists and authors talk about the swath of female teachers statutorily raping teen boys. Most often these feminists will try to paint these women as very immature and confused as a defense of getting a lesser sentence.

              In most cases these ridiculous arguments work and these female teachers get sentences under 2 years or suspended sentences or therapeutic sentences. It seems no matter what women do, they are never held accountable for their actions (cough Mary Winkler).

              I am sick of feminists like hugo saying that we need to respect women’s decisions EXCEPT WHEN WE SAY SO.

              The feminist movement is crumbling under the weight of its hypocrisy. NOW has the lowest number of dues-paying members than at any other time other than it’s inception.

              Those who claim to be feminists need to really advocate for women’s equal rights and EQUAL RESPONSIBILITY as in your most intelligent post.

  7. Wait, wait wait… I’m confused. When that Tide commercial with the dad sabotaging his daughter’s skimpy wardrobe was being discussed, the general consenus seemed to be that the dad was wrong to try and police his *still underage* daughter’s dress and sexual expression. Something about how he was inadvertantly slut shaming her or giving her a negative, puritanical outlook on sexual expression or somesuch.

    …but now the idea seems to be that this father has a duty to step in and protect his *legally adult* daughter from her own choices in dress and conduct.

    So…uh… which is it? Because the only way I can seem to reconcile these two viewpoints is that a girl is allowed freedom of sexual expression until she becomes an adult woman… at which point, she needs to be protected and saved from her own choices.

    And frankly… that doesn’t make a lot of sense.

  8. This site critcizes men who are all up in their adult daughter’s personal lives. So, the GMP right answer is no.

    However, the in touch with reality answer is that it doesn’t matter since an adult doesn’t need permission.

  9. Anonymous Male says:

    Interesting variant on the whole “patriarchy” thing – a daughter playing her dad’s position and wearing his number! But, equality has to start somewhere, I guess. It would be great if someday a daughter would be able to follow in her mother’s footsteps and be a pro quarterback proudly wearing her mom’s number.

  10. wellokaythen says:

    I’m not sure what papa Rypien is supposed to do in this case, unless we’re suggesting that he run out onto the field, throw a blanket over her, give her a public scolding, and drag her off the field like a child. I don’t think it would help matters much if he publicly denounced the league because of the uniform that his daughter wears (or doesn’t wear, as the case may be). A father drawing attention to what his daughter wears is hardly going to help her be proud of her body and not ashamed of it.

  11. Your writing this article may result in some men calling you names and making inappropriate references. Did your father let you write this?

  12. No Guy in Particular says:

    I think you’re bringing some assumptions that I just don’t share. Let’s say we do want our daughters to be “proud of their bodies.” I’m guessing the women playing the sport are pretty confident about their bodies. I’m guessing for some of them playing the sport actually gives them a feeling of empowerment, not shame, about their bodies. I’m not sure what “protective of their sexuality” means. If you’re suggesting that sexual modesty and sexual privacy are good things that we want young women to have, I agree, but I think those values can be taken to extremes (Taliban, anyone?). I’m also not sure about protecting our daughters’ “honor,” whatever that means. If you mean dads are responsible for keeping their daughters virginal as long as possible, well, that sounds a little oppressive to me if we’re talking about grown women.

    Just because I may be uncomfortable about my daughter’s choices doesn’t mean I’m therefore supposed to stop her at all costs. Part of me never, ever wants my daughter to ever date or have a sex life at all. That part wants her to wear a parka at all times and not talk to boys until she’s 40. Maybe 40. 60 is better. Would I be comfortable with her playing this sport? Probably not. Would I be able to watch her play? I’m not sure. My mom couldn’t stand to watch my brother play football, because she couldn’t stand the idea of those other boys hurting him.

    I would probably express my concern if I had concerns, make sure she understands where I’m coming from, listen to what she has to say, and then support her decision as best I can.

  13. The Hills are alive with the sounds of infantilization.

    Ms Rosker at this point it has become fairly obvious that you wish to treat women like helpless children so that YOU may better guide them towards a path of “Greater Womanhood”  as defined by You… 
    A father is supposed to let his daughter make her own decisions.
    Angela is her own women.
    I find Your passive aggressive diggs on Angela & Mark Rypien’s relationship is Cowardly, Pathetic & reprehensible. You’re basically advocating for a Patriarchal Ogre to swoop in and drag his daughter back to her “Rightful Place”.  
    Has it occurred to you that this has been the third article on the LFL non of which featured any input from the supposed Babies..uhm… Ladies in need of protection.

    Is that a coincidence?

  14. Megan, get a clue.

    She is 20 years old. Parents can’t stop a grown woman from doing something she really wants to do. And to say she is “prostituting” herself is just ridiculous. There are no sex acts taking place in exchange for money. She’s playing football in her underwear. This is not a crime nor is she dressed in less revealing clothing than the women on Dancing With the Stars. And that show is considered “classy.”

    Mark Rypien has two choices: boycott the league because he disagrees or support his daughter. And he’s supporting her, so I say good for him. Would I want my daughter being leered at by drunk fans? No, I wouldn’t. Would I put aside my own discomfort and trudge through the personal unpleasantness to show her I support her? You bet I would. Especially since she’s not stripping, hooking or anything else.

    I can’t stand the holier than thou attitude displayed by many on this website. As I said, I won’t be watching the LFL because I think it’s stupid. But knocking a man for supporting his daughter’s choices is dumb, ill-advised and below the belt. Being a good father means accepting things you don’t necessarily agree with, and being there anyways. So what you’re doing is knocking a good father for no reason other than the LFL offends your delicate sensibilities.

    Give me a break with this crap.


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