Black Men Who Have Sex With Men At Disproportionate HIV Risk

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  1. The Wet One says:


    The joys of being black in the U.S.

    It’s wonderful isn’t it?

  2. I’m surprised to not see any addressing of men who have sex with men but maintain that they are straight. Men in this group are less likely to use barrier during sex because doing so would give a sense of legitimacy to something that they feel guilt and shame for doing and less likely to get tested for HIV or any other STD, both out of fear that their test will come up positive and out of fear that someone will find out that they got tested and suspect that they are gay. While these issues affect closet cases of every race and ethnicity, black gay men have more to lose and less to gain by coming out than white gay men do, to say nothing of the stereotype that gayness is a “white” thing.


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