Election Night Post: In Which Ozy Gets Political


Elizabeth Warren


Todd Akin


Richard Mourdock



Barack Obama

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  1. Obama isn’t a good guy. That Romney would be infinitely worse does not negate that fact.

  2. So, the Democrats are “good” and the Republicans are “bad”. Can’t we get past this kindergarten stuff?

    I think they are all bad. I found no hope in this election. More of the same, whether it be Romney or Obama who won. The partisan bickering will continue and we will be in the same hatred fuel campaigning on both sides filled with fear in 4 years.

    The hatred that fueled this race on both sides is not going to go away.

    • …So the dude who believes that in the case of legitimate rape the female body shuts it down and the lady who, you know, doesn’t, are completely morally equivalent? And we cannot be happy that the former is no longer in a decision-making capability?

      Sure. I’m just going to be over here XDDDDDing about being able to get married.

      • AnonymousDog says:

        So your solution is to support politicians who are bought-and-paid-for stooges of the Administrative State?

        Yeah, yeah, marijuana and gay marriage will make rule by unelected bureaucrats and a fiscal/monetary collapse so much more palatable. You obviously took the bait.

    • theLaplaceDemon says:

      1) The “hate” – I don’t like it either, but when you say it’s “not going away” I hope you aren’t implying it’s new – the 1828 and1884 presidential campaigns come to mind. Also 2004 – remember “swiftboating”? Ditto for hardcore partisanship in congress. It’s an age old tradition, but remember when Newt Gingrich was Speaker?

      2) You don’t say specifically why you dislike all of the politicians running, so I really can’t comment on that except to say that as Ozy pointed out, the firsts in this election were pretty incredible, and I have a lot of respect for some of the people who will be joining the senate next year. In addition to the people Ozy named, I’d also like to add Tim Kaine from Virginia, who is a sensible, motivated and moderate Democrat and former governor, and Angus King, an independent who campaigned on fillibuster reform.

      3) Whether or not you consider Obama a good guy, Row v Wade is a helluva lot safer then it would be with Romney making the Supreme Court nominations over the next four years.

  3. FlyingKal says:

    You know what this will lead to?
    Just in time for the next election, God is gonna be even more upset that there are still gay people around, and will send an even harder storm our way to let us know that…!

  4. Would anyone be willing to tell the ignorant non-americans how theses wins/loses change the balance in congress?

    • Even if they don’t change the numerical balance, they could help by putting in better democrats.

    • JE –
      Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock are two very conservative individuals who both made waves this year for comments about rape. Their defeat sends a message, I am sure.
      Tammy Baldwin will be the first openly gay congressional representative in our country.
      Elizabeth Warren is a staunch reformer.

      Overall, the balance of our Congress isn’t changing much; Democrats still hold the Senate and Republicans still hold the House, and Obama is still president. The ultra-conservative Tea Party lost several seats. Other things changed, of course; that’s just the very broad picture.

      Also, three states voted to legalize same-sex marriage, one state declined to pass an amendment making same-sex marriage illegal, and two states voted to legalize marijuana (though it is still illegal at the federal level).

    • Elizabeth Warren is quite possibly the most sensible politician I’ve ever heard talk about taxation and fiscal policy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOyDR2b71ag

      I don’t know the others (aside from Obama, of course) by photos, though, because I don’t watch the news on TV. I get all my news from blogs (and I’m probably still better informed than my Fox News-watching parents).

  5. Well, it’s more productive than saying everybody is the same even though they aren’t and then writing essays in a strange form of English that urge a poorly-defined form of revolution that consists mostly of doing things you think annoy your opponents.

  6. Dividing the world into “good guys” and “bad guys” is not a productive way to approach anything, least of all politics.

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