Gendered Pictures Roundup

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  1. Developers^3 says:

    With regards to the first image, I think that those lists are probably data-mined from customer wish lists. So, this means that these lists are based on what actual users of the site either want or are buying. This means there isn’t a smoke-filled room full of marketers saying “Men don’t like crafts because crafts are unmanly”.

    • John Smith says:

      Just what I was thinking. It looks like it’s come from Amazon, and if they are good at anything it’s knowing there market and working there data.

      The first and second images are just examples of making issues where non exist. To complain about the second is to not understand society 40-50 years ago. To not understand what “normal” and “acceptable” dress was. This was a time when going out of the house without a hat and jacket was not acceptable and shirts were not worn un-tucked.

    • But but but!

      The first image may be data-mined from actual people’s purchases, but it doesn’t change the facts that:

      1. It is a gendered list, implying that men and women never want the same sorts of thing.

      2. When the desires of men and women differ, it’s generally because they were conditioned by society to like and want different things. This sort of sexism feedback loop has been addressed before: little girls want pink because we’ve conditioned them to want pink, and marketing analysts have found that little girls like pink, so they make pink products; these two tendencies end up intensifying each other; thus the “girls’ section” of the toy store is an eye-searing mass of Pink Pink Pink Pink PINK.

      And, yes, people were generally sexist 50 years ago. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody.

  2. Since when do ALL “nice guy TM” ‘s have resentful or entitled attitudes?

  3. ^You’re confusing a ‘Nice Guy TM’ with a nice guy.

  4. wellokaythen says:

    My mom was and is a very traditional mother somewhat in the June Cleaver mold. She would have been perfectly capable of sewing lace onto her sons’ shirts, but she would have scoffed at the idea and told you to take a hike if you suggested it to her. Instead, she would say that if you want your boys to tuck in their shirts, you order them to and don’t take any backtalk if they resist. She would say you shouldn’t have to resort to trickery or additional sewing work – they do it because you damn well let them know they’re supposed to. Even she would have found that tip ridiculous.

  5. For Her: Celebrity Biographies

    I can hardly even imagine the reaction I’d get if I bought someone a celebrity biography for Christmas.

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