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Pictoral evidence of the existence of sexism below the cut. Slow connections beware. Hat tip to Sociological Images and Love Joy Feminism, from which these pictures were stolen.

The Man Groomer! Because men can’t use a hairdryer unless they’ve been carefully assured it doesn’t make them gay or a woman (same thing amirite?).

Medium and large facemasks from Taiwan which are inexplicably called the “male” and “female” facemasks. (The female is, of course, female and has a heart on it.) Because all men have bigger heads than all women! Obviously! There is no overlap here at all!

Identical anal lubricant! It’s Tush Eze if it’s for women and Anal Eze if it’s for men. I have no idea why. Do women find the word “anal” too risque? Is a man’s ass too manly to ever be referred to as a “tush”? Like every sex product ever, it indicates “heterosexual” by having a woman stare sexily at you and “homosexual” by having a man stare sexily at you. Because straight women never buy sex products and if they do they have no problem with women staring flirtily at them, straight men would never want to put something up their asses, and queer women don’t exist. (NOTE: To the three people who are currently rushing down to the comments to tell me I’m oversensitive… seriously, go to a non-feminist sex shop some time. The “heterosexual = sexy woman making sexeyes at you” thing is blatant.)

…Heh. Tush Eze/Tushies. That’s actually clever.

And changing the subject rapidly, Love Joy Feminism has a few articles about the Vision Forum, which is an evangelical Christian organization that advocates for Biblical patriarchy. Some of their stuff is… well, it’s not subtle.

Revolutionary War person screaming, because men are violent! Men of Grit, because grit is the most important trait a boy could have, much more important than the other silly girly virtues!

“All American Boys” dress like a marketer’s idea of what Huck Finn dressed like. They also go on adventures with dogs (dogs are masculine, cats are feminine) and have bows and arrows. Not a boy in the world has ever preferred to play with an Easy Bake Oven.

Father-son event! Which is hazardous because MEN LOVE DANGER! And in the mountains because if there’s one thing men love more than danger it’s dangerous nature! No, not that silly frou-frou girly nature, but really hardcore stuff! Exploring! Zeppelins!

For comparison, all the girl’s stuff looks like this:

I am deaaaaaaad of sepia tone.

I love the Vision Forum’s emphasis on patriarchy in all things. It’s not enough that God has commanded men to be leaders, he has also apparently commanded them to like dogs and grit and screaming while throwing your arm out wildly. God clearly hates sissy long-haired men who like children and preach about peace and compassion and… errr… um…

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  1. BritterSweet says:

    The True Grit picture… is that Adam Sandler?

  2. But I want guys to stare sexily at me…

  3. Hank Vandenburgh says:

    It’s actually tuchas. I don’t like the Hustler woman in the meat grinder cover. I’ll call that sexist. I don’t care about this stuff.

    • I’m glad there’s someone here who hasn’t swooned at the thought of products aimed specifically at men, or at women.

  4. I fail to see how sepia tone is sexist against men?

    And I’d also buy your commentary about that Men of Grit thing if it were an actual critique of the contents of the book rather than the picture on the cover? If it’s about men fighting during the Revolutionary War, then I fail to see how it’s anything BUT appropriate given the story. Unless simply writing about Revolutionary War soldiers is sexist.

    • It’s because it’s from Vision Forum. Vision forum spends a lot of time talking about how men are supposed to be murderous environment destroyers for god who make sure that the girls don’t get any silly ideas about equality in their heads.

      This is not an exaggeration. In fact, what Vision Forum thinks men should be is often so offensive and horrifiying when you unpack it, the mind boggles. And they have even worse ideas about women. And people who aren’t straight. And people who aren’t cisgender. And people who believe UFOs are aliens, because they are actually demons hoping you’ll think they are aliens, because aliens disprove the existence of god. Oh, and Giant Squids prove science is wrong about evolution.

    • I think it’s simply the fact that separate events are held for daughters and sons, and that they’re characterized so differently. They focus on the differences between the sexes and inevitably insist that each gender stay in their place, and thus cause problems for each gender.

  5. Tush is a disgusting word.

    • See, to me “tush” isn’t disgusting, it just reminds me of like, babies. Which, okay, infantilism is a kink that some people have, but I feel like lube shouldn’t be kink-specific (nor do I think that’s the intention here). Also “tush-eze = tushies” is kind of a terrible pun. Also screams “Jewish grandma” a lot more than “anal sex” to me.

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