Transgender Day of Remembrance

Today is the Transgender Day of Remembrance, in which trans people remember our dead. Commenters please note that there is a massive trigger warning on this post, as it includes the names and causes of death for every trans person known to be murdered this year. In addition, please remember that TDOR is a day of mourning. If you would not say it at a funeral, do not say it on this thread. These are my siblings who are dead, be respectful.

This year, as every year, nearly all of the people mourned are poor trans women of color, among the most marginalized people in our current society.

Sonia Masi, shot, India.
Gardenia, stoned to death, Brazil.
Brenting Dolliole, severe head trauma, USA.
Suely Scala, beaten to death, Brazil.
Pascual Ake Beh, gunshot to the head, Mexico.
Erica Hernandez, stabbed to death, USA.
Bruninha, multiple machete blows to the head and neck, Brazil.
Mona, gunshots to the foot and back, Brazil.
Githe Goines, strangulation, USA.
Popinha, two gunshots to the back, Brazil.
Unidentified person, strangulation, Brazil.
Crain Conaway, trauma to body, USA.
Guilherme Augusto de Souza, 13 gunshots, Brazil.
Paola Cristiano, 7 gunshots to the head, neck, and back, Brazil.
Deoni Jones, gunshot, USA.
Carla, gunshot, Brazil.
Junior Ricardo de Jesus, skeleton found with bullet fragments near body, Brazil.
Chiquinha, stoned and beaten to death, Brazil.
Soraya, gagged, had pieced of wood inserted into her anus and had her penis burned with alcohol, Brazil.
Rene “Rosita” Hidalgo, gagged, multiple stab wounds, neck slit, USA.
David William de Oliveira Candido, severe head and neck trauma, Brazil.
Coko Williams, shot, USA.
Tyrell Jackson, shot, USA.
Menakshiammal, burned and throat slit, India.
Paige Clay, gunshot to the face, USA.
Rebekah, gunshot to the back and head, Brazil.
Leandro Eduardo Campos Ferreira, 11 gunshot wounds, Brazil.
Brandy Martell, gunshot, USA.
Unidentified person, gunshot, Brazil.
Anil Aayiramthengum, throat slit and abdominal injuries, India.
Lorena Escalera, fire, USA.
Chrissie Azzopardi, unknown, UK.
Thalepo Makutle, throat cut, partial decapitation, genitals stuffed in mouth, South Africa.
William Geovanni Aguilar Perez, gunshot, Guatemala.
Alison, gunshot, Guatemala.
Unidentified person, burned to death, Brazil.
Jeimy Tamara Perez, gunshot, Guatemala.
Unidentified person, burned to death, Brazil.
Camila de Mink, stabbing, Brazil.
Tracey Johnson, multiple gunshot wounds, USA.
Secil Anne, throat cut and face slashed, Turkey.
Barbarita, gunshots to the face and head, Honduras.
Tania, gunshot to the head, Columbia.
Vanderson Viegas Silva, dragged for two blocks by car, Brazil.
Tiffany Gooden, multiple stab wounds, USA.
Sirena Paola, head trauma, Colombia.
Unidentified person, shot, Brazil.
Unidentified person, shot, Brazil.
Laryssa Silveira, multiple gunshot wounds to the chest and face and dumped by the side of the road, Brazil.
Tiago de Silva Oliveira, gunshot, Brazil.
Robson Franco Pereira, gunshots to the arm and face, Brazil.
Dewayne “Deja” Jones, gunshot, USA.
Unidentified person, repeated blows to the head with a spade, Brazil.
Kendall Hampton, shot, USA.
Kyra Cordova, gunshot wound to the head, USA.
Victoria, murdered and mutilated, genitals and ear removed, thrown into a dumpster, Brazil.
Unidentified person, neck injury, hands and feet tied, wrapped in a sheet, and burned, Brazil.
January Marie Lapuz, stabbed, Canada.
Madonna, stoned to death, Brazil.
Cassandra, asphyxiation, body partially burned after death, France.
The trans people whose names are not known.

May your loved ones find peace and your murderers find justice.

In addition, we remember CeCe McDonald, who is in prison for killing a Neo-Nazi in self-defense, and Breanna Manning, who leaked hundreds of thousands of documents to Wikileaks. May they also find justice.

There have been many critiques of the Transgender Day of Remembrance by trans feminists, particularly trans feminists of color. I particularly recommend nihil de nobis, sine nobis by Erica Inchaoterica and Trans Day of Remembrance by Monica Maldonado and encourage you to read them.

Photo– armin_vogel/Flickr. A single candle in the darkness. 

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  1. RIP.

  2. Part3 of 3

    So to my fellow Ts:
    About these cowardly predatory bullies, that would not say or do shit if we had the build and aura of heavyweight boxer.
    Why are they approaching us in the street or whereever? They think they can predate upon us without consequence. Know that they are not coming to kiss us, they are coming to kill us.

    At the first slight to stop the predation, demonstrate you will defend yourselves. If it continues and escalates to physical violence – be unrestrained in yours, use catastrophic and/or lethal violence (aim to blind eyes with fingers/ pens[no guns or sprays allowed here in the UK], punch out windpipes, hand palm to noses, knee and ankle breaking kicks etc). These cowardly predatory bullies have already demonstrated that your life has no value to them, so their lives should be like the flies to you.
    If we are to die, then let us be a heatseeking missile up their fucking tailpipes, and do as much damage to our assaulters as possible. With The Gods favour, by using catastrophic or lethal force on these flies, we might actually survive their predation.

    Take encouragement from what our gender nonconforming ancestors did at the Stonewall Riots. They fought.

    A butch lesbian, later identified as Stormé DeLarverie, fighting back was the explosive flashpoint for the riots
    With larger numbers, police detained anyone they could and put them in patrol wagons to go to jail, though Inspector Pine recalled, “Fights erupted with the transvestites, who wouldn’t go into the patrol wagon”. His recollection was corroborated by another witness across the street who said, “All I could see about who was fighting was that it was transvestites and they were fighting furiously” The Stonewall Riots and the Gay Rights Movement, 1969 p69
    From what I understand, at the time, the terms ‘transvestite’ and ‘queen’ were used to refer to 1. men in women’s clothing and also 2. people we would Now call trans womeneg. name of a homeless trans women group.
    So some of the transvestites and queens were trans women like

    Just last week, I believe by showing a willingness to kill for my life. I ended in its early stage, the attempted physical predation (could sense the mood) of about ten young men and five young women.
    I expect my clothes will be the cause of my death, at 140lb Im too tempting a target to not eventually be physically attacked. You should see the eyes of the cowardly predatory bullies when they first see me – like all the giftgiving days in the world have arrived, they can barely contain their excitement at the prospect at socially sanctioned predation. Until they see my eyes looking through them. Most cowardly predatory bullies are looking for easy predation, however a few will miscalculate or are brave and will attack regardless.
    I dont expect to survive a physical attack, a physical predation. My aim is to make my murderers pay the highest price for my murder – their lives, their sight, their mobility.
    As Theyre not coming to kiss me, theyre coming to kill me.
    And theyre not coming to kiss you either, theyre coming to kill you.

    • this third post went into and out of mod.eration in literally 5minutes. that was fast. whoever did that, thanks

    • James,

      You’re not without allies. Though I’m not trans, if I saw you or anyone else at the mercy of King Mob, I would intervene.

      And to anyone allied with King Mob who challenges me on this: “You laugh at me because I’m different; I laugh at you because you’re all the same.”

      • Thanks Gaius.
        be cautious about knowing how and when to intervene though.
        Sometimes the right thing to do is encourage fellow onlookers to join with you in stopping an attack.
        Sometimes the right thing to do is to not intervene at all, if the position is hopeless (especially if you have children).
        No point in the ‘rescuer’ needlessly throwing away their life

        • If you’re a “normal” cisperson demonstrating through your actions that That Shit Is Not Right, then you’re not wasting anything, IMO. I don’t want to die for a good long time, but if I ever have to choose between dying for something and living for nothing, I know damned well what I’m picking.

  3. Part2 of 3
    That small young girl left a lasting impression on me.
    I pay more attention to walking in the middle of pavement to reduce the chance of being thrown into traffic. When using bridges I check who is behind me to make sure Im not jumped from behind and thrown off . I have bottled water in my bag, in case acid in thrown in my face. Trans women who dont pass, and wear heels are braver than I. Personally I feel the reduced mobility renders me a sitting duck, and I want give myself every chance to defend myself. cowardly predatory natal men and women, see trans women as men, and will rain down the unrestrained violence theyd use on a natal man – female hormones reduce the muscle mass and performance of a trans woman to that of a natal woman.

    Before I only used to engage hostile eyes aimed at me eg. If someone was going to pass me on my right with hostile eyes. Id look 90 degrees to my right for a second or two, then coldly fix my eyes back on them, before looking straight ahead (while bracing for impact, as they pass and from behind. Including listening for footsteps and feeling the change in air pressure)

    That small young girl showed me I am a dead man walking, that is just a matter of when not if. So Ive taken a more militant approach.
    Now, I also engage mocking laughing by looking at the laugher and the rest of the group like they were flies, sometimes with a small crocodile smile. They soon stop laughing. If the laughing is not challenged I reason the bully will be subconsciously emboldened to then laugh and poooptalk while approaching. And if not challenged again, further enboldened to attack physically.
    Flies? Yes flies. I strip these humanezes of their sentience. If they were sentient, they would not attack. And Im only returning their energy, as they already see me as valueless. Im 6ft about 140lb, 20inch from shoulder to shoulder, 14inch waist width, from the side my chest is 7 inch wide.
    Would most of these cowardly predatory bullies laugh, or attempt to approach if I had the build and aura of a heavyweight boxer – no, they would not. Theyd being saying ‘yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir’. So they are cowards, they are predatory, and they are bullies . And they can only operate from the safety of a pack.

  4. Yeah, being a T is dangerous. While there are clear differences, too much atomisation reduces potency. So I personally group trans vestites (like me), the genderqueer, trans men, and trans women under the T for Trans banner. With the trans representing major gender nonconformity in someway whether through dress, behaviour, physique, and/or neurology

    It was in the summer that I learnt the true value, the true reality of our being.
    I was wearing a spencertype jacket with puffed shoulders (for the natal men, think a matador jacket with puffed shoulders), black loose kneelength skirt and skin tight jeans. I passed a group of girls playing outside their house, well barely passed before one of them who was around 12 or 13(she was 90deg to my right, and 60 to 100 cm away) attempted to follow me at that close distance. Of course out of my peripheral vision I saw her, turned and faced her – she quickly walked back to friends. They all laughed, I turned around again – there was no further laughter and they averted their eyes. However this incident troubled me more than anything else men and women had attempted.
    The fact that this small young girl felt she could so freely express the fullness of her contempt to me a man, and in such proximity without fear of her own safety – left a deep impression on me. It revealed to me that the majority subconsciously see us T’s as outside of the social contract and its implicit protection. That we are exempt from its covering grace.

    That the majority perceive us in a similar manner to how they look at an unkempt wizened homeless man who is wearing years old threadbare clothing – ‘who is going to miss him. you can do or say anything to him, law enforcement has more important things to do than waste resources on a complaint from such a person. He is just a scruffy tramp’. He is just a scruffy tramp, they are just a T.
    I now believe the majority (66 to 70%) to varying degrees feel that they have the tacit consent of society to say or more importantly DO whatever they want to us Ts, without consequence.
    It is very interesting to see how people behave when they believe there are no consequences to illtreating someone else – illuminating.
    The filter I now use to navigate is: 1 to 10% are first rank predatory bullies that can barely contain themselves, they live to predate on those they presume to be weak and defenceless. Predation is fun for them, their life force. 20ish% are second rank predatory bullies that dont need much encouragement from the first rankers to join in. 30ish% have varying moral qualms about the actions of the first and second ranks, however can be mob- ilised to support them

  5. As a cisperson, I tend to forget just how dangerous being transgender can be. The length of this list is appalling–and it says a lot of damning things about modern society that some people still feel so threatened by anyone “different” that they react with violence. Transgender people are still people, after all, and you just don’t do these things to people.

    Here’s to a day when there are no more hate crimes of any kind. I want the annual list to start having a length of zero. Zero new murders, zero recent acts of vandalism, zero perpetuated hate. Working toward that zero is, I believe, the best way of remembering the people in this year’s list.

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