The Reason You Find the Volkswagen Commercial Racist

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Jason Henry is a young person who earnestly seeks the path which leads him to say, "TGIM: Thank God it's Monday." Feel obliged to contact him @alchemisjah and buy his book on emotional healing here


  1. Great insight! The one thing we have to get over is the fact that everybody stereotypes. We are human and it’s impossible for us not to know every single individual so our biases and stereotypes will influence our thinking. What’s important (and difficult to do) is to measure the heart motive. If one is exploiting, belittling or marginalizing a person and using culture or ethnicity as a basis, that would be racist. If done out of ignorance, that’s a no harm intended situation.
    What “playing the race card” and on the other side of the spectrum, racism does is destroys the chance to understand each other and the importance of celebrating differences. I long for the day when we can get to that level of maturity.

  2. wellokaythen says:

    I’ve only met a few Jamaicans, so my experience may be entirely unrepresentative, but in my experience Jamaican immigrants to the U.S. tend to be very hardworking, not very laid back at all, more likely to work harder or push for overtime than the average, more concerned with the bottom line, less likely to take time off. And, in fact, much less likely to smoke pot than any of the white people I know….

    It reminds me of the racial stereotype of the “lazy Mexican,” which is entirely the opposite of reality.

  3. Social Justice Warriors need to have something to be outraged about, otherwise they hardly know why they live.

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