Same System [OpEd]

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About Ryan Bye

Ryan works as a Student Affairs administrator, within the residence halls supervising and advising college students, while working on his master’s degree in Higher Education Administration with plans to graduate in May 2013. Ryan wants to continue working within Higher Education and help grant access and opportunities to all college students. He is a weekly blogger for Student Affairs First Years, can be found tweeting @ByeByeRyan, or you can email him.


  1. What compels us to always criticize each other? Is it that when something upsetting happens or when things do not go our way we decide to use hateful words?
    While being upset or being in a position where things do go our way I think there may be something that comes before those things.

    Not being heard out.

    If you look at arguments and flamewars that get out of hand I believe we’ll see that when you get down to it a lot of the folks involved in them haven’t been heard out and in the face of realizing that respect and civil politeness don’t work decide to turn to hate.

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