How GOP Extremism Shut Down the Government

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John Anderson is a former student of political science and political professional who worked on a variety of campaigns in the Midwest and on the East Coast. He currently lives in Minneapolis where everyone is friendly and there are lots of lakes. He blogs at longwalkdownlyndale


  1. Of the 17 government shutdowns in our history, Democrats controlled the house in 15 of them. When you’ve got 3 equal branches of government this is an expected phenomenon. Concession hasn’t happened on ANY fronts- we’ve got entrenched people on both sides of the fence posturing away.

  2. AnonymousDog says:

    Everyone has known for months that more money would have to be borrowed about now if spending continued at the levels that it has. The administration has done NOTHING to alter the amount of money being spent by the executive branch, the Democrat controlled Senate has done NOTHING to try and mitigate the shortfall in the current fiscal year, which could be done by statute.

    The Democrats have based their political appeal almost entirely on how much public money they can spend for the last 70 years. I’d say they should have to shoulder a large part of the blame for the fiscal mess the country is in today. Borrowing more money so the government can service its pre-existing debts(which is what raising the debt ceiling is really all about) will not solve our problem.

  3. I think “partially shut down the government” would be more accurate

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