Obama’s Great Week

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About John K. Anderson

John Anderson is a former student of political science and political professional who worked on a variety of campaigns in the Midwest and on the East Coast. He currently lives in Minneapolis where everyone is friendly and there are lots of lakes. He blogs at longwalkdownlyndale


  1. wellokaythen says:

    In terms of politics I tend to be a “pox on both your houses” kind of guy. How people talk about filibustering depends almost entirely on whether they like the motives of the filibusterers.

    When it’s my own people stalling legislation for an agenda I approve of, then the filibuster is the heroic action of a minority against the tyrannical majority. It’s a necessary use of something that our predecessors wisely created for this very reason.

    When it’s other people stalling legislation for an agenda I don’t like, then the filibuster is part of a conspiracy to subvert the original policy for their own narrow-minded political interests. It’s a subversion of the original intent of the filibuster and an abuse of power.

    Theoretically, the filibuster is a fair use of parliamentary procedure whether the filibuster is used, for example, to allow more abortions or fewer abortions. That’s not what I see happening. It’s always the other side that’s abusing the system and my side that’s using the system correctly.

    • John K. Anderson says:

      “When it’s my own people stalling legislation for an agenda I approve of, then the filibuster is the heroic action of a minority against the tyrannical majority.” Yes, I’d say that’s how a lot of people look at it. But I do think filibustering qualified nominees to fill important jobs in agencies in the executive branch because you disagree with the policies those agencies are suppose to carry out under the law is worse that filibustering bills you feel strongly against. That’s something entirely new in American politics. It can also cause major problems, the worst example would be the ATF has had only temporary acting directors for seven years now.

      • Will Best says:

        One of those qualified nominees that just got through used his position to make improvements to facilities day-laborers used to help facilitate off the books pay by illegal aliens and is under investigation for quid pro quo deal whereby he agreed to drop a case the DoJ didn’t want going to the Supreme Court in exchange for the DoJ dropping a $180 million dollar lawsuit against the city of St. Paul, and oh yeah committed perjury… but yeah other than that he is qualified.

  2. John Weeast says:

    I don’t see the filibuster deal as really changing anything. They allow a few appointments through, and the rules stay the same. A lot of the nominations end up getting through on recess appointments which is the real bypassing of the rules and both sides have used it. I think many don’t understand what political capital is. By pushing through legislation because you don’t need the other side, it makes things messy.

    As for the NY rates… again the NYT has exaggerated numbers and used fuzzy math to make it look better than it really is. It’s still a decrease, but not nearly as much as they’re claiming.


    The majority of states are still going to see an increase. If NY’s rates weren’t so inflated to begin with, they’d be on the rise like everyone else. I also wonder how much delaying the employer mandate is going to increase rates next year. That’s factored in, and we know the insurance companies aren’t going to just eat the costs in exchange of profits for an entire year.

    • John K. Anderson says:

      Well the Senate voted 54 to 46 to confirm Tom Perez as Secretary of Labor earlier today, that’s certainly something. While the deal doesn’t necessarily change how the Senate deals with legislation, in a way that doesn’t really matter as anything opposed by a majority of Senate Republicans is almost certainly going to get shot down by the GOP controlled House.

  3. Thanks for the article John. I agree. Obama is doing just fine. Given that we are all living in America.

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