The Cuba Embargo Is Hurting Men

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About Nick Walther

Nick Walther is a recent graduate of Emerson College. He has experience volunteering for political campaigns, including Elizabeth Warren's Senate campaign. He is an unabashed progressive and hopes to see sweeping reforms in President Obama's second term.


  1. “Cubans don’t blame their own government for the stranglehold placed on them by the most powerful country in the world.”

    I have talked to ordinary Cubans in Havana when I went their on vacation. And I found the following:

    1) Many Cubans do blame the Castro government for their situation.
    2) Left-wing Americans have a completely distorted and ridiculous view of how Cuba works. Their health care system sucks, the government provides no services and the whole economy of Cuba is governed by one thing and one thing only….tourist dollars.
    3) No Cuban can survive without either being corrupt or relying on tourists
    4) There are homeless people in Cuba

    I honestly think left-wingers should just STFU about Cuba. Because almost everything you say is wrong. Your ideology makes it impossible for you not to be a complete moron on this issue.

    Cubans can’t afford to be as stupid as you seem to think they are because if they were they would DIE. Ordinary survival demands that Cubans be highly aware that their government propaganda is a total lie. In America its possible to survive and even thrive by relying on Government and not breaking the law. This is completely impossible in Cuba.

    • Nick Walther says:

      While I appreciate you critiquing the piece, I’d have been much happier if you attempted to refute the actual content of the article rather than attacking a straw man based on one sentence. The main thrust behind this article, which you seem to have willfully ignored, is that the embargo against Cuba has long outlived any usefulness and that loosening or lifting the embargo would be beneficial to the U.S. economy and the general public in Cuba as well as the budding entrepreneurs emerging for the first time in that country. I also find it interesting that you are portraying the article as some sort of far-left lunacy when I make clear that the goal of ending the embargo is to hasten Cuba’s turn to capitalism.

  2. Considering president Obama has already solidified his place in history, he might as well bring an end to this last remnant of the cold war. Like geewhiz, they should at least be able to sell arts and crafts. Now all we have to do is sneak this past Fox News…

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