Vladimir Putin Is Not The ‘Public Relations Man of the Year’

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  1. “At this point, the world has seen enough of Putin to know that he is, at the very least, an authoritarian leader, and no amount of public relations mojo will change that.”

    He gets results!

    Isn’t it for the Russian people to decide if he is acceptable? We Americans need to cease and desist with trying to run every damn thing off borrowed money! We need to focus on our won deep issues, like the 20+ million children who are either homeless and/or live in poverty.

  2. Making it look like things have changed when in reality they haven’t?

    Sounds like he IS PR man of the year, that’s what PR does.

  3. You may not like that Ronn Torossian says Putin is effective – and may not agree with what Putin does. But he has changed his perception and he is great at PR. (including a link to the oped so people can read it:

  4. Ronn Torossian writes that Putin is great at PR – and while you may not like what Putin does – indeed he is great at PR. Re-read the piece:

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