Good Men Project: Part of the Work-Life Conversation

Dan Mulhern, whose letter to his 13-year-old son, “How to Be a Real Man,” recently ran in Newsweek, was interviewed on FastCompany to answer the question “Where are men in the work-life conversation?”

He gave us a kind shoutout.

I think they are increasingly in the conversation. We are at a tipping point with a rash of articles about men, work and their lives. I think there’s a multi-level conversation about what is happening to men more broadly.For a strong contingent of these men this is a really great opportunity especially for young fathers like Tom Matlack and the Good Men Project. I feel part of that group and it’s a huge celebration. For another group of people, it’s more of a reaction to a world that’s changed. When my wife burst into her new role (Jennifer Granholm, former governor of Michigan), in a sense I had to change for her welfare, our family’s welfare.

Men have not been socialized to have these conversations about our work and other parts of our lives. These men who have chosen it are saying “Let’s talk about it. It’s cool.” But the other men are being swept along, less by choice.

… Gen Y fathers are not that different from those two perspectives. But what was really clear and new with this generation is that men really want to be involved and part of the conversation.

… It’s not the same when women would tell me “You’re so great for taking care of your kids.” That seemed somewhat matronizing (like patronizing). I equate it to what it must feel like if you are a beautiful woman who completes an engineering project and a bunch of guys say “You’re so smart.” Well, what did you think of me before?

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