New Folsom Prison Diary: April

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About Spoon Jackson

Poet/writer/artist/teacher. In prison since 1977. I had two books published in 2010 “Longer Ago Poems by Spoon Jackson” and “By Heart Poetry, Prison, And Two Lives”, a double memoir by Judith Tannenbaum and me. I've been featured in films, plays, articles, books and music suites. I've found my niche in life despite being in prison for over 35 years. I have found that prisons are created internally and are truly found everywhere. I have also discovered that the secrets to break down prison walls are inside each person and I treasure sharing this realness with people. I keep my light glowing through expressing my inner thoughts, vibes and feelings in my poetry and prose writing. Write to me! Address on the blog: Spoon Jackson Realness Network.


  1. Eirik Rogers says:

    ” I’ll do this daily log for a while, as a way to free up some realness and give folks a taste of what New Folsom prison life is like.”

    Thank you, Spoon. I was struck by that last sentence, because when I started reading this, I fully expected a “taste” of life within the walls of Folsom. What I got instead was unexpected. You directed my eyes not towards stark concrete rooms and plastic chairs, but through a three inch slit of a window on a world you cannot touch. Yet you see more than most do through picture windows or windshields or no window at all. The descriptions of deer, geese, jackrabbits, turkeys and tall grasses, and even the little spider that lives in the very frame of your theater, speak volumes about your ability to truly see the beauty of life through thirsty eyes. They speak volumes of a spirit that soars far beyond the walls of the prison.

    Looking outside through your small window – through your eyes – tells me more about the inside than I had expected.

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