Armor All’s Extreme Shield Wax forms an invisible barrier between your car and the elements

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My parents’ minivan had been sitting unused in Florida for nearly a year when I visited recently, shocked to find that the car was coated in a thick layer of pollen, dirt and grime. It’d been stowed under a car park, so the rain had been unable to wash away the buildup. Unlike some people, I’m  not conscientious about driving a minivan; I am, however, conscientious about driving a minivan that looks like it’d been dipped in honey and rolled in a leaf pile. So my first stop was one of those quick, 10-minute car washes that dot the street corners of so many Florida towns. And my next order of business was applying a coat of Armor All’s new Extreme Shield Wax.


This revolutionary polymer formula forms a protective shield against the elements. It creates an invisible protective shield between your paint and nature’s refuse – including dirt, bugs, grime, tree sap, bird droppings, and pollen – allowing these things to be easily washed away. And the application was simple.

I squeezed a cap-size amount of the extreme shield wax onto a terry cloth towel, then spread a thin, even coat of the wax over the surface of the minivan. I immediately and lightly wiped away excess the product, and didn’t need to wait for the product to haze. Not only did this wax deliver unparalleled water beading, which I noticed the first time it rained; it dramatically reduced the rinsing and drying time when I brought the minivan to the cash wash at the end of my visit.

This isn’t the only Armor All product I want to use on my cars. There’s the Armor All Ultra Shine Butter Smooth Wax, which protects and shines in half the time versus conventional wax. And the Armor All Ultra Shine Liquid Polish, which provides shine and paint rejuvenation. And the Armor All Ultra Shine Wash & Wax Detailer, which delivers shine boost between waxes.

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